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Elizabeth Wurtzel
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Final Test - Hard

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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Elizabeth's diagnosis?

2. "And the thing about my mom is that she's totally nuts, but she's very _________."

3. According to Elizabeth, her roommate Samantha is a certain kind of "fucked up" -- what is her ailment?

4. What is the name of Samantha's ex-boyfriend?

5. What do her friends suggest she read instead in order to be happy to be alive?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Secondary characters play a large role in Elizabeth's life at various times. Choose at least 5 different secondary characters and explain their significance at crucial moments in Elizabeth's life. What would have changed for Elizabeth if they had not been there? Were they positive influences or negative ones? Do you think they understood how sick Elizabeth truly was with depression at the time? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Elizabeth attributes the fact that she is alive thanks to Dr. Sterling's determination and dedication of allowing her to stay in the Stillman Infirmary rather than be fully committed at the McLean Institution. What does Dr. Sterling do to help Elizabeth throughout her recovery process? Why does Elizabeth believe staying at Stillman helped to save her life?

Essay Topic 3

Essentially, this novel is a coming-of-age novel about a young child who overcomes tremendous odds throughout her adolescence to mature into a young adult. What makes Elizabeth's life so unique? What events or emotions does she go through that are common with many other adolescents worldwide? Can you relate to her as a person? Why or why not? Use specific examples of what makes Elizabeth unique and what makes her a common, everyday person.

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