Prozac Nation: Young and Depressed in America Short Essay - Answer Key

Elizabeth Wurtzel
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Short Essay Questions Key

1. How does Elizabeth end up on the bathroom floor covered in black chiffon sobbing?

In order to relax, Elizabeth and a friend have taken coke. Simultaneously, she has quit taking lithium cold turkey because she is worried she has Graves' disease. The impact of coming down from the cocaine high and the lack of lithium have left her in a low mental state, crying on the bathroom floor in her party clothes.

2. At the beginning of the party, what happens to Elizabeth's cat?

Her roomate Jason has opened the fire escape window to let in fresh air from all the people at the party. Her cat climbed down six flights to the courtyard and gets very lost and confused. Elizabeth hears him howling from the courtyard and races outside barefoot to save him.

3. Why do Elizabeth and Jethro decide to take some cocaine?

Elizabeth is terrified of all the strange people in her house and he thinks it will loosen her up for the party.

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