Protagoras and Meno Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why was Socrates so hesitant to support Hippocrates in studying with Protagoras?

Socrates did not want Hippocrates to study with Protagoras because he did not trust the sophist ideals and did not want Hippocrates to become caught up in ideas that would change him in negative ways.

2. Why did a man slam a door in Socrates' face?

A porter slammed a door in Socrates' face because he thought Socrates was a sophist there to speak with other sophist men.

3. How did Socrates respond when a door was slammed in his face?

When a porter slammed a door in Socrates' face, he responded kindly by telling the porter he understood, and assuring him that he was not a sophist.

4. What did Hippocrates hope to learn from Protagoras?

Hippocrates told Socrates that he hoped to learn how to speak well in public settings from Protagoras.

5. How did Protagoras make money?

Protagoras made money by teaching others his ideas and philosophies and instructing men in the finer points of politics and public speaking.

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