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Section 1, line 309-316

• Hippocrates goes to Socrates' house to tell him that Protagoras is coming, and he wants to study with him.
• This worries Socrates because Protagoras is a sophist, and Socrates does not trust sophists. He does not think they teach virtue.
• They go to the house and a porter slams the door saying he wants no more sophists. Socrates assures him he is not a sophist.

• Hippocrates tells Socrates he mainly wants to study with Protagoras to learn to speak well in public settings.

Section 2, Lines 317-324

• Protagoras said he was aware being a sophist was controversial, but hiding it was never useful as the truth always came out.

• Protagoras believed that many past poets were sophists who hid their beliefs in their poetry.
• Socrates asks Protagoras what he would teach Hippocrates and how. Protagoras said he would teach him to be a good citizen and...

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