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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What information does the priest get from the Chief of Police?
(a) The Chief of Police gets drunk and tells how he hates the lieutenant.
(b) He learns that more hostages have been shot.
(c) As the Chief gets drunk he begins to tell the men about the hunt for the priest.
(d) The priest learns that the lieutenant will arrive in the city next month.

2. What new plan does the lieutenant come up with for finding the priest?
(a) Putting up roadblocks all over the region.
(b) Taking hostages and killing them if the people do not turn over the priest.
(c) Bringing in extra troops from Mexico City.
(d) Burning down the villages where the people do not cooperate.

3. How do the people respond to his reappearance in the village?
(a) They turn their backs on him and pretend he is not there.
(b) Only a few people gather at a distance and look at him, and no one comes to kiss his hand.
(c) They rush to greet him, crying because they thought he was dead.
(d) They act suspiciously as though they might call the police.

4. How does the mestizo attempt to get the priest to admit that he is a priest?
(a) He condemns the Church for all its inadequacies.
(b) He tells the priest about another priest he helped to excape.
(c) He quotes scripture to see if the priest will respond.
(d) He says he is a good Christian and asks the priest to say a prayer.

5. Why is the lieutenant eager to hunt down the priest?
(a) He sees it as a chance for a promotion.
(b) He wants the Police Chief's job.
(c) He has an intense hatred of priests and the church.
(d) He thinks hunting a man is better than hunting deer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Captain Fellows eventually realize that Coral has done?

2. Where do they put the old photo of the priest?

3. What is Greene's contrast between the two priests in the story?

4. What does Father José fear if he says a prayer at the graveside?

5. How does Greene introduce the lieutenant?

Short Essay Questions

1. All that is left of the church is a priest who renounced his religion and the stranger, a whiskey priest. How does the woman's husband sum up their reality?

2. What transpires in the police station the morning the stranger arrives in the town?

3. In the village of the old man in a hammock, describe the request that is made of the priest.

4. Describe the condition of Father José at that time.

5. What does Greene reveal about the priest in his thoughts on his way home?

6. After the priest on his mule crosses the river, what happens that is cause for alarm?

7. The mother who reads religious stories to her children is important in the story. How does Greene use this family to punctuate the fact that the common people want the Church returned?

8. How do Mr. Trench and the priest meet?

9. Describe Captain Fellow's reaction to the charge against the priest.

10. Describe the general situation as the novel opens.

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