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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the Police Chief think it will be difficult to identify the priest?
(a) The only picture they have of him is very old.
(b) They have no photo of him at all.
(c) No one will tell them what he looks like.
(d) He will be heavily disguised.

2. What prompts Mr. Trench to invite the stranger to his house?
(a) The stranger has a long wait for his ship.
(b) The stranger mentions he has some brandy.
(c) The stranger says he has a British newspaper.
(d) The stranger looks like a priest.

3. What is the condition of the priest as he heads home from the plantation?
(a) He has on new clothes so his family will not be ashamed.
(b) He has tried to change his appearance so he will not be easily recognized.
(c) He is drunk and keeps falling off his mule.
(d) He has become determined to oppose thepolice.

4. How does the boy's father explain to his son the need to tell the stories?
(a) He says the stories always have a happy ending.
(b) He says that now that the Church is gone, the stories are all they have.
(c) He says that the boy should humor his mother because she is sad.
(d) He says the stories will teach the children how to read.

5. How does Mr. Trench feel when the man leaves with the boy?
(a) As the man leaves Mr. Trench is lonely.
(b) He is curious about the strange man.
(c) He feels relieved that the stranger is gone.
(d) He is happy for the brandy the man left behind.

6. For what is the church in town being used?
(a) It is used to stable horses.
(b) It has been turned into a hospital.
(c) It is now the treasury building.
(d) It has been made into a hotel.

7. What do the police suspect about the priest?
(a) They think he is probably in Vera Cruz by now.
(b) They suspect he is in Mexico City.
(c) They think he may have gone to the Yucatan.
(d) They believe he tried to escape to Vera Cruz but he did not catch the boat.

8. What does Father José reply when the priest begs him to help him?
(a) Father José agrees, seeing this a chance to redeem himself.
(b) Father José pretends he does not understand.
(c) Father José refuses and tells him to go away.
(d) Father José agrees but the police arrive at that moment.

9. Where is the former priest who renounced his faith and married his housekeeper?
(a) Father José is sitting in his house reflecting on his poor life.
(b) Father José is working in the police station.
(c) Father José is teaching in the school.
(d) Father José is hiding in the jungle.

10. Why does the woman he meets in the village not recognize him at first?
(a) She tells the priest that he has lost a lot of weight.
(b) She tells the priest that he needs a haricut.
(c) She tells the priest he looks like a common man because of his clothes.
(d) She tells the priest that it has been so long since anyone there has seen him.

11. What is the story about that a mother tells her children?
(a) About St. Stephen who was martyred for his faith.
(b) About the virgin of Guadalupe.
(c) About a boy named Juan, a very holy boy who grows up to be a martyr.
(d) About how Jesus was killed for His faith.

12. What does the lieutenant tell Captain Fellows he is doing?
(a) He is looking for a good place to fish.
(b) He is taking a census.
(c) He is looking for a priest wanted for treason.
(d) He is campaigning for governor.

13. What does Captain Fellows eventually realize that Coral has done?
(a) She has hidden her boyfriend on their property.
(b) She has been making whisky in the shed.
(c) She has painted religious symbols on the walls of the barn.
(d) She has hidden the priest on their property.

14. Why does the boy insist that the stranger go with him?
(a) His brother broke his arm.
(b) His mother is sick.
(c) His sister is having a baby.
(d) His horse is sick.

15. What is Greene's continued contrast of the two priests?
(a) One has compassion and the other one has only fear.
(b) One obeys the law and the other one does not.
(c) They are both afraid of death, but the priest still tries to act as a priest while Father José does not.
(d) One has a house and the other one does not.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the lieutenant's ambition?

2. What does Mr. Trench's guest say about the town?

3. What new information does the priest receive in the village?

4. How does the mestizo attempt to get the priest to admit that he is a priest?

5. Back to the mother reading stories to her children, what does she tell them about the grown up Juan?

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