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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many priests has the lieutenant already executed?
(a) He has shot one priest and wants to get another one soon.
(b) He has never gotten close enough to a priest to kill one.
(c) He has shot five but several escaped including the bishop, who is safely in Mexico City.
(d) He has killed twenty priests and only this one remains.

2. Where do they think the priest may have gone?
(a) Conceptión, the home of his parish, or Carmen where he was born.
(b) To Mexico City where he would be difficult to find.
(c) Vera Cruz or Tampico.
(d) Across the border into Texas.

3. Back at the plantation after the priest is gone, what is Coral doing?
(a) Coral is out looking for the fugitive American.
(b) Coral is hiding things the priest left behind.
(c) Coral is having a school lesson with her mother.
(d) Coral is cooking because her mother is sick.

4. What does Father José fear if he says a prayer at the graveside?
(a) He will be mocked by the lieutenant for practicing a religion he renounced.
(b) The authroities will put him in jail for blasphemy.
(c) He will get in trouble, lose his pension or even be killed for practicing his religion, which he has renounced.
(d) His police protection will be taken away if he performs a religious act.

5. How is the meeting between the priest and Brigetta?
(a) It is meaningless, the she sticks out her tongue and runs away.
(b) It is like an iceberg without emotion.
(c) It is meaningful but painful for them both.
(d) It is warm and tearful.

6. What is the situation as the novel opens?
(a) Religion has been outlawed in a rural Mexican state and priests are considered traitors.
(b) It is rumored that religion is about to be outlawed.
(c) Debates are held about the influence of religion.
(d) Mexican people are revolting over the prohibition against religion.

7. What do the police suspect about the priest?
(a) They think he is probably in Vera Cruz by now.
(b) They believe he tried to escape to Vera Cruz but he did not catch the boat.
(c) They think he may have gone to the Yucatan.
(d) They suspect he is in Mexico City.

8. How do the people respond to his reappearance in the village?
(a) They act suspiciously as though they might call the police.
(b) They rush to greet him, crying because they thought he was dead.
(c) Only a few people gather at a distance and look at him, and no one comes to kiss his hand.
(d) They turn their backs on him and pretend he is not there.

9. What is happening to the priests in this Mexican state?
(a) The priests are given twenty-four hours to leave the country.
(b) The priests are being sent to the mine quarries.
(c) The priests that have not escaped have been hunted down and killed.
(d) Priests are being sent to concentration camps.

10. Against all advice, which way does the priest head after leaving the village?
(a) The priest heads south, away from the safety of the north, following the police.
(b) Straight for Concepcion.
(c) Back the way he came because he heard thepolice have come and gone.
(d) Toward Vera Cruz where he hopes to catch a ship.

11. What is Greene's continued contrast of the two priests?
(a) They are both afraid of death, but the priest still tries to act as a priest while Father José does not.
(b) One has a house and the other one does not.
(c) One obeys the law and the other one does not.
(d) One has compassion and the other one has only fear.

12. Later, in another village, what does an old man request of the priest?
(a) He asks the priest to renounce his faith and surrender.
(b) He asks the priest to say mass and hear confessions.
(c) He asks the priest to hurry and leave.
(d) He asks the priest to share his wine.

13. On his morning walk, what does Mr. Trench hear?
(a) A monkey chattering in the trees.
(b) A man speaking English.
(c) The sound of an explosion.
(d) Horses racing into town.

14. What makes his escape doubly difficult?
(a) There is a price on his head for anyone who turns him in.
(b) His photograph is being circulated widely.
(c) He is lame.
(d) He does not know how to ride a horse.

15. For what is the church in town being used?
(a) It is used to stable horses.
(b) It is now the treasury building.
(c) It has been turned into a hospital.
(d) It has been made into a hotel.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the priest rationalize his guilt over the murdered hostage?

2. When Captain Fellows goes to the barn to find the priest, what does he say?

3. What is the deadline for catching the priest?

4. Where do they put the old photo of the priest?

5. What does the priest think would be the result of his leaving?

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