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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many priests has the lieutenant already executed?
(a) He has never gotten close enough to a priest to kill one.
(b) He has killed twenty priests and only this one remains.
(c) He has shot one priest and wants to get another one soon.
(d) He has shot five but several escaped including the bishop, who is safely in Mexico City.

2. Why does the woman he meets in the village not recognize him at first?
(a) She tells the priest that it has been so long since anyone there has seen him.
(b) She tells the priest that he has lost a lot of weight.
(c) She tells the priest that he needs a haricut.
(d) She tells the priest he looks like a common man because of his clothes.

3. What is Greene's continued contrast of the two priests?
(a) One has a house and the other one does not.
(b) They are both afraid of death, but the priest still tries to act as a priest while Father José does not.
(c) One obeys the law and the other one does not.
(d) One has compassion and the other one has only fear.

4. What does Captain Fellows eventually realize that Coral has done?
(a) She has painted religious symbols on the walls of the barn.
(b) She has hidden the priest on their property.
(c) She has been making whisky in the shed.
(d) She has hidden her boyfriend on their property.

5. How does the mestizo attempt to get the priest to admit that he is a priest?
(a) He quotes scripture to see if the priest will respond.
(b) He says he is a good Christian and asks the priest to say a prayer.
(c) He condemns the Church for all its inadequacies.
(d) He tells the priest about another priest he helped to excape.

6. In the cantina, who is the man the priest bumps into?
(a) A red shirt.
(b) The mestizo.
(c) The Chief of Police.
(d) The lieutenant.

7. What is Greene's contrast between the two priests in the story?
(a) One is a whisky priest and the other is not.
(b) The only difference is that one of them is married.
(c) Both men are sinners and cannot be considered good priests, yet they choose very different paths.
(d) One refuses his responsibility but the other tries to run away from responsibility.

8. How does Greene introduce the lieutenant?
(a) He is at the firing range, practicing his shooting.
(b) He comes to Mr. Trench's house to ask about the stranger.
(c) He is questioning the boy.
(d) He is sitting at his desk dealing with the prisoners when the Chief of Police enters the office.

9. What is the Police Chief's concern?
(a) The Governor has been on his case because they suspect a priest is on the run in their state.
(b) The Governor is still waiting for the paperwork that should have already been finished.
(c) The lieutenant is not serious about finding the runaway priest.
(d) He is a religious man and does not like the new laws.

10. What surprises the lieutenant?
(a) That the Governor even knows they are there.
(b) That the last priest was not shot weeks ago.
(c) That the Police Chief entered his office without knocking.
(d) That the Police Chief is so calm.

11. Later, in another village, what does an old man request of the priest?
(a) He asks the priest to share his wine.
(b) He asks the priest to renounce his faith and surrender.
(c) He asks the priest to say mass and hear confessions.
(d) He asks the priest to hurry and leave.

12. What did one former priest do about which the lieutenant likes to think?
(a) He refused to exit a church that the lieutenant had set on fire.
(b) He committed suicide rather than be killed by the police.
(c) He ran into a swamp and was eaten by crocodiles.
(d) One priest conformed to the Governor's law, renounced his faith and married his housekeeper.

13. How does the man try to get out of going with the boy?
(a) He tells the boy to bring his horse to Mr. Trench's house.
(b) He fakes a fainting spell.
(c) He protests that he does not make house calls.
(d) The man tries to say no, telling the boy he has to catch a boat.

14. What question from the mestizo alarms the priest?
(a) He asks what his business is in Carmen.
(b) He asks if he is on the run from the police.
(c) He asks if he is a priest.
(d) He asks if he has any brandy.

15. Against all advice, which way does the priest head after leaving the village?
(a) Back the way he came because he heard thepolice have come and gone.
(b) Toward Vera Cruz where he hopes to catch a ship.
(c) The priest heads south, away from the safety of the north, following the police.
(d) Straight for Concepcion.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mr. Trench regret when he sees a man selling mineral water?

2. How does Captain Fellows refuse the priest's request for brandy?

3. What does Coral find in the barn that makes her empathize with the Priest's pain?

4. What is Father José's final answer to the bereaved family?

5. What new information does the priest receive in the village?

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