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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the mestizo tell the priest?
(a) That he wants to get to know him better.
(b) That he is going to Carmen, too, and suggests that they go together.
(c) That he wants the priest to help him catch the American.
(d) That he needs a guide to help him get to Carmen.

2. What appeal does the girl make to the priest as he is leaving the village?
(a) She wants him to give her something.
(b) She wants him never to return.
(c) She only knows he is her father and she wants him to stay.
(d) She wants to tell him she loves him.

3. What is the lieutenant's ambition?
(a) He wants to turn Mexico into a socialist state with him as the President.
(b) He wants to establish his own religion with him as it head.
(c) He wants to send young boys to the seminary so that they can reform the church.
(d) He hopes to wipe out all memories of the Church so the children will have no knowledge of it.

4. When the lieutenant arrives, why does he not recognize the priest?
(a) He has forgotten what he looks like.
(b) He has too many other things on his mind.
(c) He is in too big a hurry to pay attention to the priest.
(d) He never looks at him.

5. Where is Captain Fellows' wife when he reaches his house?
(a) Doing the laundry.
(b) Out with the chickens.
(c) Sick in bed.
(d) Making dinner.

6. Although there is no love between him and the woman, how does the priest feel about Brigetta, his daughter?
(a) He feels a love and responsibility.
(b) He feels it would be better for them to remain strangers.
(c) He feels that he will one day be able to send her away.
(d) He feels that she is the visible reminder of his sin.

7. How do the people respond to his reappearance in the village?
(a) They rush to greet him, crying because they thought he was dead.
(b) Only a few people gather at a distance and look at him, and no one comes to kiss his hand.
(c) They act suspiciously as though they might call the police.
(d) They turn their backs on him and pretend he is not there.

8. What does the priest think would be the result of his leaving?
(a) He believes that if he was gone it would be as if God was gone from this whole state.
(b) Everything would return to normal and the Church would eventually return.
(c) The police would come and murder his daughter.
(d) There would still be persecution of anyone who believes in the Church.

9. What fleeting impulse comes over Father José?
(a) He is tempted to say a quick prayer and starts to make the sign of the cross in the air.
(b) He is tempted to turn the villagers in for seeking a priest.
(c) He is tempted to run away and commit suicide.
(d) He is tempted to seek a divorce and return to the Church.

10. Where do they put the old photo of the priest?
(a) In the newspaper office to have posters made.
(b) The lieutenant folds it and puts it in his pocket.
(c) In an old filing cabinet.
(d) On the wall next to one of an American fugitive.

11. What is the deadline for catching the priest?
(a) They must catch the priest in one week.
(b) They have until the end of the year to catch him.
(c) The priest must be caught this month.
(d) He must be caught before the Governor arrives.

12. What does Mr. Trench regret when he sees a man selling mineral water?
(a) That only the rich can afford to drink the mineral water.
(b) That he has no money to buy some.
(c) That he did not get into that business when he had the chance.
(d) It is practically the only thing to drink in this prohibition state.

13. Why does Coral tell her father she would not allow the lieutenant to search the place?
(a) She tells him she wanted to make the lieutenant angry.
(b) She tells him they had no right to do it.
(c) She tells him that she did not trust the lieutenant.
(d) She tells him she had forgotten to hide the last batch of whisky.

14. What does Coral find in the barn that makes her empathize with the Priest's pain?
(a) A series of small crosses he drew on the wall.
(b) Tear stains on the blanket she gave him to sleep on.
(c) The small case he left behind.
(d) A broken wine bottle.

15. What does Mr. Trench's guest say about the town?
(a) The man says this place was very nice when they still had God.
(b) He says the church was once very beautiful.
(c) He says that he has never been there before.
(d) He says it is too hot and dusty.

Short Answer Questions

1. What weakness does the priest have causes him more difficulty?

2. How does the mestizo attempt to get the priest to admit that he is a priest?

3. Later, in another village, what does an old man request of the priest?

4. What does the priest hope to find in Carmen?

5. How many priests has the lieutenant already executed?

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