The Power and the Glory Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the general situation as the novel opens.

Religion has been outlawed in a rural Mexican state and priests are considered traitors. The priests that have not escaped have been hunted down and killed. One priest remains on the run.

2. Describe the scene in the town as Mr. Trench walks through it.

The land is described as dusty and hot with buzzards flying overhead. The treasury building was formerly a church. A large ship is preparing to set sail.

3. How do Mr. Trench and the priest meet?

Mr. Trench does not yet know the man is a priest, only that he is looking for a man named Lopez. Mr. Trench says that Lopez was shot for helping priests escape from Mexico. Mr. Trench only walked up to the man because he heard him speaking English.

4. Why does Mr. Trench invite the man into his house?

He learns that the stranger is carrying a bottle of brandy, which has been banned from the town. He is longing for a good drink.

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