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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Captain Fellows headed down river in a canoe?
(a) To look for the stranger he thinks is a doctor.
(b) The banana plantation on which he lives and works.
(c) To the town for supplies.
(d) To find the American and collect the reward.

2. What prompts Mr. Trench to invite the stranger to his house?
(a) The stranger mentions he has some brandy.
(b) The stranger looks like a priest.
(c) The stranger says he has a British newspaper.
(d) The stranger has a long wait for his ship.

3. Where do they think the priest may have gone?
(a) To Mexico City where he would be difficult to find.
(b) Concepti├│n, the home of his parish, or Carmen where he was born.
(c) Across the border into Texas.
(d) Vera Cruz or Tampico.

4. Why does the Police Chief think it will be difficult to identify the priest?
(a) He will be heavily disguised.
(b) They have no photo of him at all.
(c) The only picture they have of him is very old.
(d) No one will tell them what he looks like.

5. What does the lieutenant see on his walk through the town?
(a) He sees old women making the sign of the cross.
(b) He sees many new shops and a lot of business.
(c) He sees all the old symbols of the Church he has helped destroy.
(d) He sees Mr. Trench walking as though he had been drinking.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Coral say she lost her faith in God?

2. What is the story about that a mother tells her children?

3. Where is the former priest who renounced his faith and married his housekeeper?

4. How does the man try to get out of going with the boy?

5. Back to the mother reading stories to her children, what does she tell them about the grown up Juan?

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