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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the cantina, who is the man the priest bumps into?
(a) The Chief of Police.
(b) A red shirt.
(c) The mestizo.
(d) The lieutenant.

2. When the priest sends back the guide and the mules, why is the mestizo mockingly concerned.
(a) He must behave as though he thinks the priest will be returning.
(b) He had planned to make his own get away on a mule.
(c) He was counting on selling the mules.
(d) He thinks the priest should have waited about half an hour.

3. How does the mestizo give himself away?
(a) The priest ask if they will let him see the Yankee and he says of course they will.
(b) He gets drunk on wine and starts talking about the police in the village.
(c) He tells how the police brought the wounded Yankee to the Indian village.
(d) He tells the priest that he will only have ten minutes with the Yankee.

4. What fleeting impulse comes over Father José?
(a) He is tempted to say a quick prayer and starts to make the sign of the cross in the air.
(b) He is tempted to run away and commit suicide.
(c) He is tempted to seek a divorce and return to the Church.
(d) He is tempted to turn the villagers in for seeking a priest.

5. How does the boy's father explain to his son the need to tell the stories?
(a) He says that the boy should humor his mother because she is sad.
(b) He says the stories always have a happy ending.
(c) He says that now that the Church is gone, the stories are all they have.
(d) He says the stories will teach the children how to read.

Short Answer Questions

1. Back to the mother reading stories to her children, what does she tell them about the grown up Juan?

2. What does the priest mean when he says he won't be returning the way he came?

3. Once in the village, why is the Yankee looking around?

4. In trying to get away from the people chasing him, on whose door does the priest knock?

5. What new plan does the lieutenant come up with for finding the priest?

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