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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What information does the priest get from the Chief of Police?
(a) As the Chief gets drunk he begins to tell the men about the hunt for the priest.
(b) He learns that more hostages have been shot.
(c) The Chief of Police gets drunk and tells how he hates the lieutenant.
(d) The priest learns that the lieutenant will arrive in the city next month.

2. Back to the mother reading stories to her children, what does she tell them about the grown up Juan?
(a) He has grown up and leaves for another country.
(b) He has grown up and become a school teacher.
(c) He has grown up and now hates the Church.
(d) He has grown up and been ordained a priest.

3. In the cantina, who is the man the priest bumps into?
(a) The Chief of Police.
(b) A red shirt.
(c) The mestizo.
(d) The lieutenant.

4. How does the Chief of Police react when he sees the alcohol?
(a) He becomes angry because there is a prohibition on alcohol.
(b) The Chief's face lights up at the sight of the alcohol and he sits down to join the drinkers.
(c) He confiscates the alcohol and leaves.
(d) He knows the seller so he pretends not to see.

5. With what knowledge does the priest continue on to the village.
(a) He knows he can finally repent but there is no one to absolve him.
(b) He knows that the Yankee is already dead.
(c) He is sure the Yankee is not the American murderer.
(d) Now he is certain the police are waiting for him there.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do the police take the man they do not recognize as being a priest?

2. What act of generosity does the priest perform on the way to the village?

3. What does the priest now begin to wonder?

4. What is Greene's contrast between the two priests in the story?

5. What is Greene's continued contrast of the two priests?

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