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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the priest mean when he says he won't be returning the way he came?
(a) He is resigned to his death once he reaches the village.
(b) He has a plan to go south instead of north.
(c) He is planning to kill the mestizo before they get to the village.
(d) He thinks the Yankee knows a way to escape.

2. What fleeting impulse comes over Father José?
(a) He is tempted to turn the villagers in for seeking a priest.
(b) He is tempted to say a quick prayer and starts to make the sign of the cross in the air.
(c) He is tempted to run away and commit suicide.
(d) He is tempted to seek a divorce and return to the Church.

3. What is Greene's continued contrast of the two priests?
(a) They are both afraid of death, but the priest still tries to act as a priest while Father José does not.
(b) One obeys the law and the other one does not.
(c) One has a house and the other one does not.
(d) One has compassion and the other one has only fear.

4. After the brandy is taken, what does the priest do?
(a) He offers to get more brandy for the man.
(b) He tells of seeing a priest near Carmen.
(c) He begis acting like he is insane.
(d) He runs.

5. What is Greene's contrast between the two priests in the story?
(a) Both men are sinners and cannot be considered good priests, yet they choose very different paths.
(b) One is a whisky priest and the other is not.
(c) One refuses his responsibility but the other tries to run away from responsibility.
(d) The only difference is that one of them is married.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the priest now begin to wonder?

2. When the mother rebukes her son for only being interested in the killing, how does the son reply?

3. When the lieutenant meets up with some boys who are interested in his gun, what passes through his mind?

4. What agitates the Yankee while the priest is speaking with him?

5. What does Father José fear if he says a prayer at the graveside?

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