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Part 1, Chapter 1

1. What is the situation as the novel opens?
(a) Debates are held about the influence of religion.
(b) Religion has been outlawed in a rural Mexican state and priests are considered traitors.
(c) It is rumored that religion is about to be outlawed.
(d) Mexican people are revolting over the prohibition against religion.

2. What is happening to the priests in this Mexican state?
(a) The priests that have not escaped have been hunted down and killed.
(b) The priests are being sent to the mine quarries.
(c) Priests are being sent to concentration camps.
(d) The priests are given twenty-four hours to leave the country.

3. Who is the last priest on the run from the police?
(a) A monsignor disguised as a farmer.
(b) A man who calls himself Julian.
(c) A pious priest who is protected by the peons.
(d) An unnamed man who is far from a perfect holy man.

4. What is the secret sin of the running priest?
(a) He embezzled money from the church coffers.
(b) He murdered a policeman who was about to arrest him.
(c) He is addicted to heroin.
(d) He fathered a child with one of his parishioners.

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