The Power and the Glory Character Descriptions

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The Priest

The protagonist of the story, he is not given a name. He is a Roman Catholic priest on the run from the authorities in a Mexican state that has outlawed religion.

The Lieutenant

The Lieutenant is the antagonist of the story and is also never given a name. He is an atheist who has an intense hatred for the Catholic Church.

The Mestizo Man

Referred to as "half-caste," the priest first encounters him lying in a hammock on his way to Carmen. The man has only two teeth that look like yellow fangs.

Mr. Trench

A British dentist living in Mexico, trying to make enough money to move home but the currency value keeps dropping making his savings worthless.

Chief of Police

Sometimes called the jefe, he is the lieutenant's boss. He however does not have a serious commitment to finding the priest.

Father Jose


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