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Bob Woodward
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Saul learns that CIA trained and armed ___________ have blown up to the Mosul to Baghdad rail line.
(a) Pakistanis
(b) Iraqis
(c) Kurds
(d) Irish

2. What is the first full day of the Iraqi War according to the end of the book?
(a) March 2
(b) March 21
(c) March 22
(d) March 20

3. Blix has told Rice that military pressure in the area so far is _______________.
(a) Nonexistent
(b) Oppressive
(c) Negative
(d) Positive

4. What does Franks tell reports the "Internal Look" project is when asked about the action?
(a) Intelligence gathering
(b) Routine war game
(c) War engagement
(d) Peacekeeping Mission

5. ____________ flow in too fast to evaluate and to transmit, but Saul demands ever more verification and more detail.
(a) Insurgents
(b) Reports
(c) Photos
(d) Spies

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the top secret document Franks and Rumsfeld bring to Bush on March 4, named so to avoid legal requirements of disclosure to Congress?

2. Tim learns more about _____________. A significant security detail, food, and supplies have suggested a family gathering.

3. ____________ recommends looking at the big picture and not letting the press draw them out on every battlefield development.

4. Antiwar protests in Europe and in the United States will convince Saddam he is __________.

5. Tim is at __________ base in the foothills of Iraq at the start of this chapter.

Short Essay Questions

1. What must happen the government once Saddam is ousted from power, according to Miller's briefing to the NSC?

2. What does the Hybrid Plan condense into just nine hours on March 21?

3. What does Meyer worry about, causing Franks to use 2000 pound bombs instead of the planned weapons?

4. What does Bush do in order to bolster the humanitarian reputation of the United States?

5. What does Prince Bandar bin Sultan exercise in relation to the White House, as he has since senior Bush?

6. Why does Bandar want to shave away his ever-growing beard that he has pledged to keep until war starts?

7. What does Bush want to do in light of the French making a second resolution impossible?

8. When Cheney realizes that Bush has already made up his mind about war, what does he agree other nations must do?

9. When Bush and Cheney meet with Iraqi expatriates on January 10, what does Bush tell them about Saddam?

10. What does Bush tell Powell when he meets with him on January 13 without Rice or Cheney hovering over them?

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