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Bob Woodward
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Blair visits Camp David in order to ask for a _____________________ for political purposes.
(a) Sit down with Iraq
(b) Reprieve from sending troops
(c) Chance to send troops to Iraq
(d) Second UN resolution

2. Who does Cheney invite to the war briefing in order to secure access to a border?
(a) El Jarazzi
(b) Prince Bandar
(c) Osama bin Laden
(d) Prince Abdullah

3. __________ fears ouster like Margaret Thatcher in 1980 and does not want a Bush ultimatum.
(a) Tony Blair
(b) Jacques Chirac
(c) Colin Powell
(d) Donald Rumsfeld

4. Bush slips when he is with the Italian PM saying that Saddam will not be allowed to ________________.
(a) Breathe again
(b) Hide from him
(c) Stay in power
(d) Live

5. Tim is at __________ base in the foothills of Iraq at the start of this chapter.
(a) Banana
(b) Kurdish
(c) Jonestown
(d) Pistachio

6. What does Bush want from Poland when he goes to talk to them about the situation in Iraq?
(a) Support
(b) Weaponry
(c) Troops
(d) Land

7. Saul learns that CIA trained and armed ___________ have blown up to the Mosul to Baghdad rail line.
(a) Iraqis
(b) Pakistanis
(c) Kurds
(d) Irish

8. The Hybrid Plan of attack condenses 16 days of bombing into just nine hours of ____________, after ground troops enter
(a) Shock and awe
(b) Ground fighting
(c) Raids
(d) Air strikes

9. Rumsfeld and Meyer assure Bush that Iraqi propaganda will make ________, no matter what the US does.
(a) A difference
(b) Nonsense
(c) Changes
(d) Hay

10. _________ wants to begin raising money in February through April , but Bush flatly refuses.
(a) Dick Cheney
(b) Laura Bush
(c) Scooter Libby
(d) Karl Rove

11. Like Powell, Kwasniewski wonders what will happen if __________ support collapses around the Saddam issue.
(a) Democratic
(b) International
(c) National
(d) Military

12. What does Tim find when he goes to the suspected bunker at Dora Farm?
(a) Osama bin Laden
(b) Weapons stockpile
(c) Saddam
(d) A food pantry

13. Bush releases ___________ from his coalition to keep him in office, but he refuses, appreciating the offer and the concern.
(a) Prince Bandar
(b) Dick Cheney
(c) Jacques Chirac
(d) Tony Blair

14. Cheney agrees _____________ must be convinced Bush means business before they will fall in line.
(a) Iran
(b) Other nations
(c) Congress
(d) Iraq

15. Franks sends Rumsfeld the _________________, the Mother of All Deployment Orders for 300,000 troops.
(b) MAD
(c) MADO
(d) MDO

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the top secret document Franks and Rumsfeld bring to Bush on March 4, named so to avoid legal requirements of disclosure to Congress?

2. ____________ wants everything kept secret, but needs the same details on US war planning that he received in 1991.

3. Tim learns more about _____________. A significant security detail, food, and supplies have suggested a family gathering.

4. Saul is concerned that ___________ could close the border at any time during their operation.

5. ____________ encourages Bush to not make the same mistake of 1938, appeasing a dictator and inviting a war.

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