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Bob Woodward
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On February 24, Bush and the NSC are briefs on the Iraqi ___________ reentering the world after free of UN sanctions.
(a) Women
(b) Petroleum industry
(c) Gold mines
(d) Mosques

2. Bush releases ___________ from his coalition to keep him in office, but he refuses, appreciating the offer and the concern.
(a) Tony Blair
(b) Dick Cheney
(c) Prince Bandar
(d) Jacques Chirac

3. Tim's team is at ____________ on the mountaintop, both Tim and the team are feeling a bit stranded.
(a) Banana
(b) Jonestown
(c) Sands
(d) Pistachio

4. Saul learns that CIA trained and armed ___________ have blown up to the Mosul to Baghdad rail line.
(a) Iraqis
(b) Kurds
(c) Pakistanis
(d) Irish

5. Colin Powell sees __________ as isolated and friendless and believes he will wither.
(a) Saddam
(b) Prince Bandar
(c) Osama bin Laden
(d) George W. Bush

6. What color is the terror level threat after Bush decides to give Saddam and his sons a chance to leave?
(a) Yellow
(b) Orange
(c) Green
(d) Red

7. Cheney calls for a _____________ to research and produce vaccines against WMD.
(a) Peacekeeping mission
(b) Medical NASA
(c) French hospital
(d) UN resolution

8. Where does Bush go in order to visit soldiers who have been wounded in battle?
(a) Iraq
(b) Westpoint
(c) Afghanistan
(d) Walter Reed Medical Center

9. Antiwar protests in Europe and in the United States will convince Saddam he is __________.
(a) On everyone's mind
(b) In danger
(c) Safe
(d) Winning

10. Bush and Cheney meet with leading ___________ expatriates and tells them that Saddam has a heart of stone.
(a) Iraqi
(b) German
(c) British
(d) Iranian

11. The Hybrid Plan of attack condenses 16 days of bombing into just nine hours of ____________, after ground troops enter
(a) Ground fighting
(b) Air strikes
(c) Raids
(d) Shock and awe

12. Bush notes that it is __________ decision whether there is war or not.
(a) Congress'
(b) The people's
(c) Blair's
(d) Saddam's

13. What is the first full day of the Iraqi War according to the end of the book?
(a) March 22
(b) March 2
(c) March 20
(d) March 21

14. The British press is calling Tony Blair Bush's ____________, as Rice learns from David Manning.
(a) Bitch
(b) Shadow
(c) Poodle
(d) Lapdog

15. The __________ seize a key oil platform in the south and the Australians move into the west.
(a) English
(b) Poles
(c) Americans
(d) Germans

Short Answer Questions

1. Bush promises bipartisan congressional leaders he will inform Congress and leaders of why ___________ must be used.

2. Blix has told Rice that military pressure in the area so far is _______________.

3. Some 60% of Iraqis are being fed by the United Nations ________________ program

4. Tim is at __________ base in the foothills of Iraq at the start of this chapter.

5. Tim learns more about _____________. A significant security detail, food, and supplies have suggested a family gathering.

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