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Bob Woodward
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. February 22 is the _______________ for the war plan that has been delivered to Bush.
(a) D-Day
(b) End of Days
(c) Notification Day
(d) C-Day

2. Colin Powell sees __________ as isolated and friendless and believes he will wither.
(a) Saddam
(b) Osama bin Laden
(c) Prince Bandar
(d) George W. Bush

3. 25,000 top ___________ officials need to be removed as a part of post-Saddam regime planning.
(a) Muslim
(b) Kurdish
(c) Baath
(d) Hindu

4. Lawyers warn Bush not to talk about ___________, lest this prejudice war crimes trials.
(a) 9/11
(b) Islam
(c) Terrorism
(d) Jihads

5. Cheney convinces Bush to have military personnel and high risk essential civilians to be inoculated against ___________.
(a) Anthrax
(b) Malaria
(c) Smallpox
(d) Cholera

6. Like Powell, Kwasniewski wonders what will happen if __________ support collapses around the Saddam issue.
(a) Military
(b) International
(c) Democratic
(d) National

7. What does Tim find when he goes to the suspected bunker at Dora Farm?
(a) Osama bin Laden
(b) Weapons stockpile
(c) Saddam
(d) A food pantry

8. Bush is sure that ____________ will change the US image in the word, so he orders more to be put on standby.
(a) War
(b) Weapons
(c) Humanitarian aid
(d) The shock and awe campaign

9. Bush discusses the American backlash against __________ with Irish Prime Minister Ahern.
(a) Iran
(b) Britain
(c) Spain
(d) France

10. Saul learns that CIA trained and armed ___________ have blown up to the Mosul to Baghdad rail line.
(a) Irish
(b) Pakistanis
(c) Iraqis
(d) Kurds

11. Who wears an unkempt beard, but hates it because he thinks it makes him look like bin Laden?
(a) Dick Cheney
(b) Prince Abdullah
(c) Prince Bandar
(d) Colin Powell

12. The White House Communications Office prepares a 33 page document - _____________ of Lies.
(a) Body
(b) Evidence
(c) Apparatus
(d) Meaning

13. Tim now has 90 agents whom NSA supplies with ________________ to call in real time intelligence.
(a) Cell phones
(b) Telegraphs
(c) Satellite phones
(d) Laptops

14. Saul is concerned that ___________ could close the border at any time during their operation.
(a) Iran
(b) Iraq
(c) Turkey
(d) Saudi Arabia

15. Bush summons _________ on January 13, without Cheney or Rice hovering and compliments him on his hard work.
(a) Donald Rumsfeld
(b) Michael Gerson
(c) Richard Armitage
(d) Colin Powell

Short Answer Questions

1. Bush notes that it is __________ decision whether there is war or not.

2. The ______________ discusses making Blix's inspections more effective as it appears his second report is wishy-washy.

3. Franks orders the _____________ to program missiles on Dora Farm, but they can not be fired until after the ultimatum period.

4. __________ fears ouster like Margaret Thatcher in 1980 and does not want a Bush ultimatum.

5. Wanting to keep the inspections non-confrontational, Blix turns down ____________ help in pointing out likely WMD locales.

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