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Bob Woodward
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Rumsfeld orders plans for the "Liberation of ____________" and postwar stability operations.
(a) Kabul
(b) Baghdad
(c) Mosul
(d) Saddam

2. Though the media says that Bush has highly detailed war plans, ____________says they are prepared, but have not decided to go to war.
(a) Tommy Franks
(b) Donald Rumsfeld
(c) Richard Armitage
(d) Dick Cheney

3. George Tenet sends to small paramilitary teams into mountainous northern ____________.
(a) Afghanistan
(b) Saudi Arabia
(c) Iraq
(d) Iran

4. Michael Gerson works on the ____________ speech for President Bush to give to the country.
(a) War demands
(b) Fireside
(c) State of the Union
(d) Inaugural

5. There is consensus that ___________ will be needed to stabilize a post-Saddam Iraq, war or no war.
(a) US forces
(b) UN resolutions
(c) UN troops
(d) Worldwide involvement

6. The name of the National Security Presidential Direction was Iraq: Goals, Objectives, and ______________."
(a) Strategy
(b) Recovery
(c) Charity
(d) Wartime

7. Bush later recalls that Tommy Franks confirmed that the war is absolutely _____________.
(a) Winnable
(b) Tragic
(c) Unnecessary
(d) Just

8. Using stoplight graphics that Bush enjoys, Franks charts ________ of when month-by-month events can and should proceed.
(a) Deadlines
(b) Timings
(c) Expectations
(d) Goalposts

9. Michael Hayden still downplays the WMD in Iraq as _______________.
(a) Deferential
(b) Weak
(c) Inferential
(d) A worry, but not a big worrd

10. A ____________ run after Bush's Axis of Evil speech determines signals intelligence on Iraq is negligible.
(a) CIA
(b) Congressional
(c) Rock Drill
(d) Fire Drill

11. When Bush is in Texas, _________ chairs a line by line review of a draft National Security Presidential Directive.
(a) Donald Rumsfeld
(b) Condoleeza Rice
(c) Colin Powell
(d) Richard Armitage

12. Powell is beginning to show his anger at always being below ____________ in the pecking order.
(a) Richard Armitage
(b) Donald Rumsfeld
(c) President Bush
(d) Dick Cheney

13. Snowcroft, a private consultant, publishes in the Wall Stress Journal a piece stating ______________ is not connected to 9/11.
(a) Saudi Arabia
(b) Bin Laden
(c) Saddam
(d) North Korea

14. Bush in his speech brings together North Korea, Iran, and Iraq to become the ____________.
(a) Targets of Terror
(b) Axis of Evil
(c) Enemies of Freedom
(d) Latest allies in war

15. Bush releases the proposed language of the resolution, and the Washington Post declares Bush has virtually routed the ____________.
(a) Democrats
(b) Republicans
(c) Saudi Arabians
(d) Iraqis

Short Answer Questions

1. ____________ are tasked with giving answers on what to hit, while the others are ordered to determine how to leverage assets.

2. Tony Blair believes Iraq poses less _________ threat than North Korea or Iran.

3. Cheney demands that Saddam's ______________ is the only issue and a debate ensures

4. Franks assures George W. Bush that the plan is being tested by ____________ and takes the hint to get things moving.

5. ____________ pushes Powell through regular private meetings to begin to build with Bush a relationship like the one Bush and Rumsfeld share.

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