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Bob Woodward
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12 | Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Rumsfeld orders plans for the "Liberation of ____________" and postwar stability operations.
(a) Baghdad
(b) Saddam
(c) Mosul
(d) Kabul

2. Bush sends ___________ to demand the Pakastanis eliminate the threat of the answer to #13.
(a) Colin Powell
(b) George Tenet
(c) Tommy Franks
(d) Donald Rumsfeld

3. Rumsfeld tangles with Powell about UN sanctions on ____________ items Powell knows the French and Russians want reconsidered.
(a) Nuclear
(b) Engagement
(c) Combat
(d) Dual use

4. What does the false story about the regime include in order to sell the war plans?
(a) Trade embargoes
(b) Dirty bombs
(c) Planned train malfunctions
(d) Economic sanctions

5. The CIA has identified three major threats to security at the time of Bush's beginnings in office. What is NOT one of these threats?
(a) Rise of the Chinese military
(b) North Korean nuclear weapon usage
(c) Al Qaeda network
(d) Proliferation of WMD

Short Answer Questions

1. Franks assures George W. Bush that the plan is being tested by ____________ and takes the hint to get things moving.

2. As the Iraq plan begins to develop, ______________ begins to swagger and to deceive others.

3. Michael Gerson works on the ____________ speech for President Bush to give to the country.

4. Bush dismisses the story in the New York Times about _____________ growing involvement in foreign policy decisions.

5. What is the code name for the operatives working for Tim during his time in Iraq?

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