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Bob Woodward
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 31.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Bush slips when he is with the Italian PM saying that Saddam will not be allowed to ________________.
(a) Live
(b) Hide from him
(c) Stay in power
(d) Breathe again

2. What is the code name for the operatives working for Tim during his time in Iraq?
(a) Freedom Fighters
(d) Mountain Rats

3. Cheney agrees _____________ must be convinced Bush means business before they will fall in line.
(a) Congress
(b) Iraq
(c) Other nations
(d) Iran

4. ___________ is sure that demanding Saddam submit full WMD accounting within 30 days will prove he's been lying.
(a) Donald Rumsfeld
(b) Condoleeza Rice
(c) George W. Bush
(d) Dick Cheney

5. Bush, however, contends that any nation harboring a/an _____________ to be a terrorist.
(a) Terrorist
(b) Muslim
(c) Iraqi
(d) Dictator

Short Answer Questions

1. Bush dismisses the story in the New York Times about _____________ growing involvement in foreign policy decisions.

2. On February 24, Bush and the NSC are briefs on the Iraqi ___________ reentering the world after free of UN sanctions.

3. Rice likes Cheney's charge that the _____________ is becoming irrelevant and a mockery.

4. When Bush is in Texas, _________ chairs a line by line review of a draft National Security Presidential Directive.

5. Bush argues that Iraq gathers the most serious dangers of our age into one place, evoking _____________ response to the Soviet missiles in Cuba.

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