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Bob Woodward
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 31.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Saddam in 1972 signed a ___________ with the Soviets to help make Iraq a Cold War pawn.
(a) War Plan
(b) War Promise
(c) Friendship Treaty
(d) Terrorist Prohibition

2. ____________ flow in too fast to evaluate and to transmit, but Saul demands ever more verification and more detail.
(a) Insurgents
(b) Photos
(c) Spies
(d) Reports

3. ______________ and China have commercial ties with Iraq and are on record opposing the US efforts to oust Saddam.
(a) North Korea
(b) Japan
(c) Spain
(d) Russia

4. Briefing Bush and the NSC, Franks implies recent assertions about ____________ are overblown.
(a) 9/11
(b) WMD
(c) Saddam
(d) Bin Laden

5. __________ anger flares, telling reporters time is running out on Saddam.
(a) Powell's
(b) Bush's
(c) Rumsfeld's
(d) Cheney's

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the top secret document Franks and Rumsfeld bring to Bush on March 4, named so to avoid legal requirements of disclosure to Congress?

2. Saul asks for the job as no one else wants to head the "House of Broken _____."

3. Like Bush, Gerson calls himself an evangelical Christian and compassionate ______________.

4. Who does Cheney invite to the war briefing in order to secure access to a border?

5. The British press is calling Tony Blair Bush's ____________, as Rice learns from David Manning.

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