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Bob Woodward
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. ____________ is the strength of any military plan, says Powell, and advises Franks to keep the force as small as is practical.
(a) Intelligence
(b) Realism
(c) Power
(d) Surprise

2. Powell is beginning to show his anger at always being below ____________ in the pecking order.
(a) Donald Rumsfeld
(b) Dick Cheney
(c) President Bush
(d) Richard Armitage

3. Wanting to keep the inspections non-confrontational, Blix turns down ____________ help in pointing out likely WMD locales.
(a) Cheney's
(b) CIA
(c) NSA
(d) FBI

4. What is the code name for the operatives working for Tim during his time in Iraq?
(a) Mountain Rats
(c) Freedom Fighters

5. This chapter reinforces how vital ________ efforts are and shows one member of intelligence able to read Bush's signals.
(a) Tim's
(b) Tommy Frank's
(c) Karl Rove's
(d) Dick Cheney's

Short Answer Questions

1. The New York Times reports the administration is charging Iraq with buying ___________ to use in enriching uranium for a bomb.

2. Saddam in 1972 signed a ___________ with the Soviets to help make Iraq a Cold War pawn.

3. A ____________ run after Bush's Axis of Evil speech determines signals intelligence on Iraq is negligible.

4. Rumsfeld orders plans for the "Liberation of ____________" and postwar stability operations.

5. Ground commanders will know their foes better than they know themselves by accessing the secure ______________.

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