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Bob Woodward
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This is the mountainous country between the former Soviet Union and Pakistan, where al-Qaeda terrorists establish training camps, hosted by the fundamentalist Muslim Taliban, which finally evicts the Russians after a long war, using sophisticated U.S. arms.


This is an ultra-fundamentalist Muslim organization founded by Osama bin Laden.

Axis of Evil

The pithy phrase in Bush's January 29, 2002, State of the Union address, this phrase is first suggested by conservative author David Frum as a means of linking Saddam and 9/11 as an collection of hatred.

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Unlike diplomats and military officials, this organization is authorized to pay people off, and Tenet has tens of millions of dollars available for securing support from the Kurds.

Crawford Ranch

This is the 1,600-acre Texas home to which Bush frequently retreats, featuring a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) equipped for secure video links.

Deputies Committee

The second-tier...

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