Plan of Attack Fun Activities

Bob Woodward
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Collect Articles from the Time Period Leading Up to War

Have students collect articles from the time period leading up to the war from as many news outlets as possible to see what different media outlets were saying.

The Protest the Bush

In January of 2002, the largest anti-war protest since Vietnam took place. Have students research to find out more about this protest, how many people were there, etc.

Watching Michael Moore's Movie - Fahrenheit 911

Have students watch this documentary to see whether it enhances the text of the book or disputes it.

Find Bush's Ultimatum Speech Online

Have students find the speech to Saddam that gave the ultimatum for him to get out of the country. What did the students think of this speech?

About the First Day of War

Have students create a poem about what they felt on the first day of war or how...

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