Plan of Attack Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Bob Woodward
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Prologue | Chapter 1

• Bush Jr. talks to Rumsfeld about trying to remove Hussein from power.

• Rumsfeld orders Franks to deliver a commander's estimate on Iraq.

• Condoleeza Rice and Dick Cheney are also on board with Bush's plan.

• Bush's transition to power is rocky.

• The argument for handling Iraq continues on even though it is not discussed in detail with Clinton officials.

Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

• The 9/11 attacks define the Bush presidency.

• Tenet had warned Bush about al-Qaeda before 9/11 but Bush did not see its urgency.

• Bush authorizes CIA and military operations against terrorists worldwide.

• Cheney pushes for an Iraq war.

• Rumsfeld wants to defeat enemies quickly.

• Bush demands Iraq allow in UN inspectors.

• Franks and Renaurt cut solders from the Op Plan 1003.

Chapter 4 | Chapter 5

• Bush uses a false story to sell his war plans, one involving a dirty bomb.

• Scooter works to advance Cheney's agenda.

• Bush finds Teddy Roosevelt's 'big stick'...

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