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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Hollis' drawing, Hollis Woods, Hollis feels like she is ________________.
(a) sinking.
(b) spinning.
(c) suspended.
(d) floating.

2. What does Hollis do when she sees Steven's head against the wheel of the truck after the crash?
(a) She screams and faints.
(b) She runs down the mountain to get help.
(c) She pulls him out of the truck.
(d) She does CPR on him.

3. What name does Steven call Holly which makes the Old Man mad?
(a) Sister Seaweed.
(b) Sister Loon.
(c) Sister Moon.
(d) Sister Crane.

4. What does Hollis hold to her face when it falls out of her pocket?
(a) Sea shell.
(b) Keys.
(c) Pinecone.
(d) Peppermints.

5. For their trip to the Summer house, Hollis packs food and ___________________.
(a) music CDs.
(b) Christmas ornaments.
(c) books.
(d) skis.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who rescued Hollis when she was injured on the mountain?

2. Hollis remembers that Steven once said that in modern times Santa Claus would come _________________ instead of a sleigh.

3. What has occurred in Josie's drawing, A Mountain of Trouble?

4. What does Hollis notice still hanging on the guestroom wall?

5. What does Hollis imagine when she thinks of reuniting with the Regans?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Hollis draw for the Eighth Picture, End of Summer, when the Regans tell her they want her to be part of their family?

2. Describe Hollis' encounter with Steven in the woods as she is walking to make a phone call to Beatrice.

3. Why is the girl in the Thirteenth Picture, the Conference Room, not Hollis?

4. How can Hollis draw her Tenth Picture, Hollis Woods, with her eyes closed?

5. What does Hollis see for the very first time as she looks at her pictures from the Summer?

6. Why does Hollis not actually draw the Eleventh Picture, On the Mountain?

7. How does the author show that someone knows that Hollis and Josie are staying at the Summer house?

8. Why does Hollis run away from the Regans' home after the truck accident and refuse to see any of them again?

9. To what does Hollis compare her worries of trying to fit into the Regan family?

10. What clues does Hollis have that Steven is playing Santa Claus for her and Josie in the summer house?

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