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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 12: Chapter 13 and Twelfth Picture.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Hollis go after she leaves the Regans' home?
(a) Beatrice's house.
(b) The Lemon Lady's house.
(c) The Stucco Woman's house.
(d) Josie's house.

2. Who is kissing Steven's cheeks in Hollis' drawing, End of Summer?
(a) Hollis and Josie.
(b) Hollis and Izzy.
(c) Izzy and the Old Man.
(d) Hollis and the Old Man.

3. What does Hollis find hanging on the doorknob of the shed?
(a) Steven's sweater.
(b) A little wreath.
(c) A camera strap.
(d) A bag of groceries.

4. What does Steven point out to Hollis as they walk up the mountain?
(a) Animal prints.
(b) A cave.
(c) An owl.
(d) Poison ivy.

5. What does the Old Man do as the rescue workers bring Steven down the mountain?
(a) He clenches his jaw.
(b) He hikes up the mountain to help.
(c) He fights back tears.
(d) He paces and cries.

Short Answer Questions

1. Hollis paints a picture of _________________ as she and Josie wait for Beatrice to arrive?

2. Who is the social worker who tries to reconnect Hollis with the Regans?

3. What does Hollis go outside to get to decorate for Christmas in Chapter 13?

4. What does Hollis do when Beatrice compliments her art?

5. What is Hollis' favorite colored pencil?

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