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Silver Bullet

This is Josie's car which is frequently out of gas.

Hollis Woods

This is the name of a neighborhood in Queens, New York, where Hollis was found when she was only an hour old.


This is the location of the Regans' summer home.


The Regans have a winter home here which is not far from Branches.

Delaware River

This body of water runs in front of the Regans' house in Branches.

Old Man's Mountain

This majestic, natural element sits across the river from the Regans' house in Branches.

Drawing Box

The Old Man gives this item to Hollis and it is filled with many colored pencils, paper, erasers and a pencil sharpener.

Josie's House

This location is where Hollis is sent to live at the beginning of the book.

Wood Figure of Hollis Woods

Josie carves this when Hollis decides to stay with her...

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