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Hollis Woods

She was left on a corner in Queens, New York, when she was an hour old.

Steven Regan

He is the brother of a family which wants to adopt Hollis and he teaches her how to fish and drive.

Josie Cahill

She is a beautiful, older woman who used to be an art teacher.

Old Man Regan

He is an architect and the father of a family which wants to adopt Hollis.

Izzy Regan

She wants her family to adopt Hollis because she has always wanted a daughter.

Beatrice Gilcrest

She is Josie's cousin and best friend.

Mustard Woman

She is a social worker who is happy when Hollis is adopted by the Regans.


He is Josie's old, irritable cat who Hollis learns to get along with.

Stucco Lady

She is one of the people who Hollis lives with and runs away from.

Lemon Lady

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