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Section 1: First Picture and Chapter 1

• Hollis Woods was six years old when her teacher assigned homework to find a picture of words that begin with the letter "W", but the teacher marked Hollis' picture with a big "X" because it showed a family in front of a house but no words beginning with "W"; Hollis wants to tell her that her "W" is for Wish or Want but the teacher has moved on.

• One day Hollis left school when she saw the principal coming and the woman Hollis was staying with then--the Lemon Lady--made Hollis stay in the yard all weekend as punishment.

• Now Hollis' "W" picture reminds her of the Regans' house in Branches where there was a father, mother and brother--all they lacked was a daughter.
• A social worker Hollis secretly calls the Mustard Woman drives Hollis to yet another foster home in the care of...

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