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Short Answer Questions

1. The piano is stolen from the Sutter home during which holiday celebration?

2. What does Boy Willie encourage Berniece to do to get rid of the ghost?

3. What type of song does Boy Willie play on the piano?

4. What does Wining Boy carry with him that has a weight as heavy as a piano?

5. What does Boy Willie tell Wining Boy that he wants to purchase?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Avery tell Berniece when he comes to visit her while she is preparing a bath?

2. What happens when Boy Willie comes home from his date with Grace?

3. When Avery arrives with his Bible to begin the exorcism, what information does he give Doaker about the state of the new church?

4. What type of encounter does Boy Willie explain that he has had with the piano's potential buyer on his way home from Grace's?

5. What connection does Doaker make between travel and happiness?

6. How does Berniece find out that Boy Willie intends to remove the piano that day, and how does she respond?

7. What trade was made between the Charles and Sutter families at Ophelia's request?

8. How does Wining Boy say that ghosts have affected his life?

9. What reaction does the family have to Boy Willie's sudden arrival at their doorstep?

10. What happens when Doaker emerges to see Boy Willie and Lymon attempting to move the piano?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The women in this play are portrayed as weak in comparison to the men in the play. Choose one female character in the play and give two examples of the ways that they are overpowered by the male characters. Then, discuss the female character's reaction to the overpowering male characters.

Essay Topic 2

The railroads of the town are extremely significant throughout the play. Part 1. Explain the symbolism of a railroad as it pertains to Boy Willie's life. Part 2. Explain the reasons why the railroad is important in Doaker's life. Part 3. Explain why the railroad has come to be an important element in the supernatural elements of the play.

Essay Topic 3

The text of "The Piano Lesson" is presented as a play rather than straight prose. What reasons do you think August Wilson had to present his story this way? What was gained in the form of stage writing? What was lost?

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