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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Berniece do for a living?

2. Which of the following characters is NOT involved in stealing the piano from the Sutter home?

3. What type of song does Boy Willie play on the piano?

4. How does the Ghost of the Yellow Dog kill the mob members as revenge for Boy Charles' death?

5. What does Boy Willie encourage Berniece to do to get rid of the ghost?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Avery begin his exorcism of Sutter's ghost?

2. What story does Boy Willie tell his sister about the dog he had as a child?

3. After a long day selling watermelons and trying to pawn clothing, how do the men in the Charles family settle down to relax?

4. What reason does Berniece give her brother for wanting him out of the house?

5. What conflict arises between the siblings surrounding the future of the piano?

6. What does Berniece ask Avery to do after Maretha has seen Sutter's ghost, and how does Avery respond?

7. Why does Berniece send Maretha to the store on the day that Boy Willie intends to remove the piano?

8. What events have prompted Doaker to believe that Berniece should sell the piano as soon as possible?

9. When Avery arrives with his Bible to begin the exorcism, what information does he give Doaker about the state of the new church?

10. What was Ophelia's reaction to the trade between her husband and Nolander?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The exorcism in the final scene of the play proves to be a powerful symbol for the way that the family has chosen to move forward. Create a list of three things that the exorcism symbolizes in the play. Choose two characters and explain how their roles were pivotal in the success of the final exorcism.

Essay Topic 2

Boy Willie and Berniece have an equal claim to the piano in the play. Explain the reason why the siblings have come into possession of the piano. Compare/contrast the way that both of the siblings view the piano's place in their past and their future.

Essay Topic 3

The piano itself is arguably the strongest symbol in the entire play. Explain the history of the piano and briefly discuss why the physical structure of the piano can be seen as a symbol within the Charles family.

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