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Short Answer Questions

1. How did Sutter's wife feel about the trade of her slaves for the piano?

2. Berniece and her uncle live in which city?

3. What was Wining Boy's occupation while he was married?

4. What does Boy Willie think is the most significant part of the piano?

5. Which member of the Sutter family desperately wanted the piano?

Short Essay Questions

1. What confrontation do Boy Willie and Berniece get into as Boy Willie watches Berniece comb Maretha's hair?

2. What were the effects of the lumber theft that the men in the play were involved in?

3. What role does Berniece play in the exorcism of Sutter's ghost?

4. What connection does Doaker make between travel and happiness?

5. What does Wining Boy reveal about Lymon's father and Wining Boy's relationship with Lymon's mother?

6. How does Berniece respond when she happens upon Boy Willie and Grace?

7. How does Lymon come into possession of Wining Boy's suit?

8. Why does Berniece send Maretha to the store on the day that Boy Willie intends to remove the piano?

9. What does Lymon tell Berniece he is looking for in a woman?

10. What is revealed about Wining Boy's life as a musician while married?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Storytelling proves to be one of the most powerful elements of information transfer throughout the play. Choose one story that was told during the course of the play, explain the story's significance, and discuss how this story is an example of the importance of storytelling in the Charles family culture.

Essay Topic 2

The piano itself is arguably the strongest symbol in the entire play. Explain the history of the piano and briefly discuss why the physical structure of the piano can be seen as a symbol within the Charles family.

Essay Topic 3

The exorcism in the final scene of the play proves to be a powerful symbol for the way that the family has chosen to move forward. Create a list of three things that the exorcism symbolizes in the play. Choose two characters and explain how their roles were pivotal in the success of the final exorcism.

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