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Short Answer Questions

1. What color is the ghost wearing?

2. In the aftermath of the theft, where was Lymon shot?

3. The piano is stolen from the Sutter home during which holiday celebration?

4. Doaker works for what type of transportation?

5. Which character admits to being on the run from the police?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Wining Boy arrives at Doaker's home, he wants to know what is happening with Boy Willie and his sales. What does Doaker tell him?

2. What reason does Berniece give her brother for wanting him out of the house?

3. How does Wining Boy say that ghosts have affected his life?

4. What confrontation do Boy Willie and Berniece get into as Boy Willie watches Berniece comb Maretha's hair?

5. What happens when Boy Willie continues to insist that he be told the name of the prospective buyer for the piano?

6. What happens between Boy Willie and Grace once they left to return to her apartment?

7. How does Boy Willie respond to Doaker's intrusion as he is attempting to move the piano?

8. Why does Boy Willie tease Doaker about his profession?

9. What role does Berniece play in the exorcism of Sutter's ghost?

10. What happens when Wining Boy goes to the city to pawn his belongings?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Boy Willie and Berniece have an equal claim to the piano in the play. Explain the reason why the siblings have come into possession of the piano. Compare/contrast the way that both of the siblings view the piano's place in their past and their future.

Essay Topic 2

Berniece finds herself in many romantic relationships throughout the course of the play. Briefly describe the three romantic relationships that she has and list the positive and negative aspects of each relationship in Berniece's life.

Essay Topic 3

The exorcism in the final scene of the play proves to be a powerful symbol for the way that the family has chosen to move forward. Create a list of three things that the exorcism symbolizes in the play. Choose two characters and explain how their roles were pivotal in the success of the final exorcism.

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