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Short Answer Questions

1. After the story about Boy Charles' death, what does the family hear Maretha doing at the end of the first act?

2. Which character used to polish the piano every morning?

3. What does Doaker believe is the significance of Sutter's blue suit?

4. What sound is heard by the characters who attempt to move the piano?

5. What does Boy Willie threaten to do to the piano?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Boy Willie comes home from his date with Grace?

2. What trade was made between the Charles and Sutter families at Ophelia's request?

3. How did Sutter react to the disappearance of his prized piano?

4. What does Boy Willie claim has happened to the man named Sutter?

5. How does Berniece find out that Boy Willie intends to remove the piano that day, and how does she respond?

6. What were the effects of the lumber theft that the men in the play were involved in?

7. What does Berniece ask Avery to do after Maretha has seen Sutter's ghost, and how does Avery respond?

8. What reason does Berniece give her brother for wanting him out of the house?

9. Why does Avery believe that Berniece should start a choir in her home?

10. How does Avery begin his exorcism of Sutter's ghost?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

This history of slavery within the Charles family repeats itself throughout the text. Briefly explain the ways that slavery has affected the Charles family in the past, the present, and the future?

Essay Topic 2

The Ghosts of Yellow Dog are important characters within the recurring theme of revenge.

Part 1. Explain the way that the Ghosts of Yellow Dog came to be.

Part 2. Discuss the way that the Ghosts of Yellow Dog exacted their revenge.

Part 3. Briefly discuss the various ways that the townsfolk viewed the acts that were considered to be the work of the Ghosts of Yellow Dog.

Essay Topic 3

The idea of supernatural beings within the Charles home is particularly strong in relation to Sutter's ghost.

Part 1. Give three examples of moments in which one or more members of the Charles family feels the presence of Sutter's spirit in their home.

Part 2. Briefly explain the reasons suggested for Sutter's stalking of the Charles family, and particularly, his spirit's apparent presence within the piano.

Part 3. Explain the various ways that members of the Charles family attempt to get rid of Sutter's spirit.

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