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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Avery's new landlord given to the new church?
(a) A loan.
(b) Sheet music.
(c) A new piano.
(d) A stack of Bibles.

2. Who does Lymon admit that he was interested in but wasn't quick enough to get to?
(a) Ola.
(b) Dolly.
(c) Boy Willie's date.
(d) Berniece.

3. How much money does Boy Willie promise to Berniece for the sale of the piano?
(a) None of the money.
(b) Boy Willie makes no monetary promises to Berniece.
(c) All of the money.
(d) Half the money.

4. Boy Willie exhibits what emotion while attempting to move the piano for its potential buyer?
(a) Frustration.
(b) Excitement.
(c) Apathy.
(d) Sadness.

5. What is Berniece afraid of waking when she plays the piano?
(a) The memories of her husband's death.
(b) The baby that sleeps next door.
(c) The sleeping spirits.
(d) The fear that is slumbering inside her.

6. What is the real name of the Yellow Dog railway?
(a) The Rainbow Delta Railway.
(b) The Yahoo Delta Railway.
(c) The Yazoo Delta Railway.
(d) The Razor Delta Railway.

7. What story does Boy Willie tell Maretha as he waxes wood for the dolly?
(a) The story of the piano's carvings.
(b) The story of their escape from slavery.
(c) The story of the Ghosts of Yellow Dog.
(d) The story of his date with the young woman.

8. Lymon compliments Berniece on what article of clothing?
(a) Her new shoes.
(b) Her Sunday dress.
(c) Her nightgown.
(d) Her work uniform.

9. Which character arrives holding a Bible, preparing for the exorcism?
(a) Doaker.
(b) Dolly.
(c) Avery.
(d) Grace.

10. When Boy Willie states that he can hear his heart beating, how does he claim it beats?
(a) Louder than everyone else's heart.
(b) Just as loud as everyone else's heart.
(c) Softer than everyone else's heart.
(d) Boy Willie says that he had no heart left to beat.

11. After the scene with Boy Willie and the young woman is resolved, what beverage is set out to drink?
(a) Tea.
(b) Wine.
(c) Whisky.
(d) Coffee.

12. WIning Boy has written a song about whom, which he plays in the final scene of the play?
(a) Mama Ola.
(b) Boy Charles.
(c) Crawley.
(d) Cleotha.

13. Who tells Berniece that Boy Willie is going to be removing the piano?
(a) Doaker.
(b) Lymon.
(c) Wining Boy.
(d) Maretha.

14. What is the name of the character who attempts to barge in on Boy Willie while he is with the young woman?
(a) Leroy.
(b) Lars.
(c) Lyle.
(d) Larry.

15. When did Berniece stop playing the piano?
(a) When her sister died.
(b) When her mother died.
(c) When her father died.
(d) When her husband died.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Berniece send Maretha in to do when Boy Willie is telling her stories?

2. Which character openly discusses his hopes of finding a good job and bettering his life?

3. Who rushes into the house claiming to have found the man who wanted to purchase the piano?

4. Which character arrives to the final scene late and drunk?

5. What is the name of Avery's new landlord?

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