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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Boy Willie ask to help move the piano?
(a) Lymon.
(b) Doaker.
(c) Wining Boy.
(d) Berniece.

2. Who does Berniece claim blames himself for Boy Charles' death?
(a) WIning Boy.
(b) Boy Willie.
(c) Lymon.
(d) Doaker.

3. What does Berniece claim her mother could hear when the piano was played?
(a) The moaning of the undead.
(b) The singing of the slaves.
(c) The music of heaven.
(d) Her father speaking to her.

4. Who does Boy Willie accuse, other than Avery, of picking and choosing the scriptures that they believe in?
(a) Wining Boy.
(b) Lymon.
(c) Doaker.
(d) Berniece.

5. When Boy Willie states that he can hear his heart beating, how does he claim it beats?
(a) Boy Willie says that he had no heart left to beat.
(b) Just as loud as everyone else's heart.
(c) Louder than everyone else's heart.
(d) Softer than everyone else's heart.

6. What advice does Lymon give to Berniece about her relationship with Avery?
(a) Lymon does not know that Berniece is in a relationship with Avery.
(b) Lymon advises Berniece to lie to Avery about her feelings.
(c) Lymon advises Berniece to marry Avery.
(d) Lymon advises Berniece to leave Avery.

7. After the scene with Boy Willie and the young woman is resolved, what beverage is set out to drink?
(a) Whisky.
(b) Coffee.
(c) Wine.
(d) Tea.

8. What does Avery claim is doing God's work in the town?
(a) The music of the piano.
(b) The streetchildren in the town.
(c) The Sutter family ghosts.
(d) The Ghosts of Yellow Dog.

9. What is the pair's reaction to the sudden sound coming from the piano?
(a) The pair are confused by the sound.
(b) The pair are amused by the sound.
(c) The pair do not notice the sound.
(d) The pair are terrified by the sound.

10. Which character arrives holding a Bible, preparing for the exorcism?
(a) Doaker.
(b) Grace.
(c) Avery.
(d) Dolly.

11. How much has the potential buyer promised to pay for the piano in relation to his previous offer?
(a) He offers to pay the same amount as previously offered.
(b) He offers to pay more than previously offered.
(c) There is no mention of how much the buyer has offered to pay for the piano.
(d) He offers to pay less than previously offered.

12. Why does Lymon say that his date has been canceled?
(a) Because his date drank too much.
(b) Because his date wore too much perfume.
(c) Because his date swore too much.
(d) Because his date ate too much.

13. What is the real name of the Yellow Dog railway?
(a) The Yahoo Delta Railway.
(b) The Razor Delta Railway.
(c) The Yazoo Delta Railway.
(d) The Rainbow Delta Railway.

14. On the night that Boy Willie brings the young woman home, where does Lymon say that he has been?
(a) To chuch.
(b) Shopping for groceries in town.
(c) Out selling fruit.
(d) To the movie theater.

15. Who tries to enter the young woman's room while Boy Willie was there?
(a) Her father.
(b) Her brother.
(c) Her old boyfriend.
(d) Her mother.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Boy Willie claim the railway sounds like when the trains hit the wind?

2. Where does Lymon sleep in the Charles household?

3. Who did Boy Willie beg to resurrect his dead pet?

4. When Boy Willie states that he has the power of death, who does he claim to be an equal with?

5. What does Wining Boy do when Boy Willie tries to move him from the piano?

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