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Act 1, Scene 1, Part 1

• The story takes place in the living of the Charles family in Pittsburgh. There is very little furniture in the room, and it all focuses around an upright piano with legs that are carved to look like an African sculpture.

• August Wilson leaves a director's note that there should be a long silence, like the coming of a storm.

• Boy Willie knocks on the door of the home at dawn with his friend and partner, Lymon. Uncle Doaker answers, and it is revealed that the two young men have come from Mississippi to sell watermelons in the city.

• Willie calls for his sister, Berniece, because he hasn't seen her in three years since he was in prison.

• Berniece stands in the stairwell and scolds her brother for making so much noise at such an early hour.

• Willie states that they should all have a celebratory...

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