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Short Answer Questions

1. How is it clear that Ezra has improved?

2. How does Munice interpret Nyla's reluctance to talk?

3. What happens when the girls accidentally rile Ripley?

4. Who comes up to the girls in the pasture.

5. What is Gran's response to Nyle's question?

Short Essay Questions

1. What else occurs at the beginning of this chapter that gives Nyle a sense of unease?

2. What do the girls do in Radio Shack and why is that ironic?

3. What do you think Ezra means when he says he feels like a phoenix?

4. How is it obvious that the two teens feel some attraction for each other?

5. Contrast the back room how it was used when Nyle is small versus in the story now.

6. What happens that demonstrates one minor theme in this book--that is, not accepting people for who they are?

7. Mrs. Trent reveals that she disappoints her parents by marrying out of the faith and that she is paying the price now. Do you think this is true?

8. What is ironic about Ezra's feeling about the back room?

9. Describe Nyle and Muncie's encounter with Ripley and what you think the encounter may foreshadow.

10. What does Mrs. Haskins assign her students to do and do you think this is mixing education with politics?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In chapter 8, Nyle thinks about how the back room used to symbolize happiness for her. Answer the following questions by writing a cohesive essay using specific examples and details to illustrate your stance.

1. Compare and contrast how the back room was used in better times to the way the back room is used as a "hospital" room.

2. What is ironic about the fact that Nyle's tears of anger and grief are what seems to jolt Ezra into communicating briefly?

3. Does the emotional meaning of the back room change at some point for Nyle? Explain, using examples.

Essay Topic 2

In chapter 3, Mr. Sobel, the science teacher, informs the students all about radioactive materials. Nyle reflects on how much better science class was when it was just text in a book and not material that the children experienced firsthand. Answer the following questions by writing a well-developed essay using specific examples and details:

1. What is ironic about Mr. Sobel's science lesson? Do you think the irony is humorous or tragic? Why?

2. We have all heard the statement, "learn by experience." Now it is apparent there are times when that's not the best way to learn. When is learning by experience helpful? When can it be harmful? How does Ezra learn by experience in a harmful way? In a helpful way (see chapter 21)?

3. Which type of learning do you prefer--hands on or book learning? Why?

Essay Topic 3

In chapter 5, Nyle sits on her bed listening to the radio and notices all of her treasures. Nyle looks at all of them and realizes that if the wind shifts, she will have to leave all of her treasures behind. Answer the following questions by writing a cohesive essay using specific examples and details to illustrate your stance.

1. Do you think Nyle thinking about her treasures and the loss she would feel changes her attitude towards Ezra. Why or why not?

2. What treasures do you have that would be very difficult to abandon for whatever reason? Would any of them be worth risking your life to save?

3. What lesson(s) does Nyle ultimately learn about what is important? Give examples.

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