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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does she do after sitting down?
(a) She starts studying for her history exam.
(b) She tells her seatmate about her new puppy.
(c) She tries to talk to Muncie.
(d) She puts on her headset and listens to music.

2. What makes Nyle anger that she runs back to the house?
(a) Thinking about the government's lies.
(b) Thinking about her father.
(c) Seeing a little fawn that is obviously suffering from radiation poisoning.
(d) Seeing a dead squirrel with radiation boils.

3. What do Gran, Miriam, Ezra and Nyle decide to do?
(a) Go out to eat.
(b) Attend a concert at the school.
(c) Go to the movies.
(d) Play monopoly.

4. What does Mr. Perry tell Nyle?
(a) That she is the valdictorian of the class.
(b) That he knows about the evacuees at the house.
(c) That she can get into the new A & M college because of her grades.
(d) That she is eligible for a full scholarship to college.

5. What happens when Muncie, Nyle and Ezra get to the house?
(a) Mrs. Trent sobs at the sight of Ezra.
(b) Nyle begins sobbing.
(c) Gran gets her shotgun out and goes to the truck.
(d) Gran and Mrs. Trent nurse Ezra and the girls go up to clean up.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nyle wish about her book collection?

2. Where does Ezra go with Nyle?

3. What does Nyle say is her fear?

4. Why does Ezra go back to his room?

5. What does Ezra keep with him though he no longer needs it?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Nyle wisely help Ezra feel comfortable in her room?

2. What is ironic about Nyle's response to Ezra's announcement about school?

3. What happens that probably garners sympathy for Ripley on the part of the characters and readers?

4. How do you think Nyle may be compounding the rift in her friendship with Muncie in this chapter?

5. How does Muncie respond to Nyle finally telling her about Ezra? Do you think Muncie's response is reasonable?

6. What gets Nyle thinking about her father and why is she mad at him (though, perhaps she unconscious of the reason)?

7. What do you think indicates Ezra's change of feelings towards Nyle from a stranger to a friend, and perhaps even more? How does this contrast to Nyle's statement in chapter 13?

8. How is Nyle still avoiding making things right with Muncie?

9. What are signs of Ezra's improvement?

10. What is admirable about Uncle Lemmy's choices after the nuclear disaster?

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