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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the person want?
(a) She wants the girls to come in for lunch.
(b) He wants to learn more about the sheep.
(c) He wants Muncie to come home.
(d) His dog, Tyrus, is missing again.

2. Where do the girls gather loose wool?
(a) Stuck on barbed wire.
(b) In the barn.
(c) In the patures.
(d) By combing the sheep.

3. What is the real reason Nyle declines Muncie's invitation?
(a) She doesn't like spinning wool.
(b) She has to go sit with Ezra.
(c) She doesn't want to see the movie Muncie has.
(d) She has to go be checked for possible radiation poisoning.

4. About what is Muncie asking Nyle?
(a) Who she is going with to a school dance.
(b) A book assigned in English class.
(c) If Ezra was nice.
(d) Why she allows Tyrus in their fields.

5. Who approaches Nyle as she is examining the sheep?
(a) Gran.
(b) Mr. Trent.
(c) Ripley Powers.
(d) Tyrus.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nyle notice when she goes downstairs in her home?

2. Who defends Muncie before Nyle has the chance to do so?

3. Of what does Ezra's speaking just once remind Mrs. Trent?

4. From where are the mother and son in the back room?

5. What does Mrs. Haskins assign the students to write?

Short Essay Questions

1. What else occurs at the beginning of this chapter that gives Nyle a sense of unease?

2. What emotion do you think Muncie is feeling as she inquires why Nyle did not come study with her the night before?

3. The issue of a drawn curtain occurs in this chapter, in previous chapters, and in future chapters. How does this issue come up in this chapter and venture a guess as to the significance of the incident.

4. What does Nyle ask her Gran about sheep farming and what is Gran's response? Does Nyle's response surprise you?

5. What is ironic about Ezra's feeling about the back room?

6. How do you think the theme of determination plays out in this chapter?

7. How does Mr. Sobel get Nyle thinking about radiation poisoning and why is the topic particularly applicable?

8. What does Mrs. Haskins assign her students to do and do you think this is mixing education with politics?

9. Describe Nyle's first encounter with Ezra.

10. Describe Nyle's attempts to scare the neighbor's dog, Tyrus, away from the sheep. Why does Nyle want Tyrus to get off her property?

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