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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Muncie say about everyone?
(a) They all have to make their own choices.
(b) Nothing.
(c) They will support what is right usually.
(d) Everyone is dying.

2. About what does Nyle sigh?
(a) That Ezra probably doesn't need her anymore.
(b) That she will probably lose Ezra to a prettier girl.
(c) That Ezra will probably become so popular, he'll ignore Nyle.
(d) That Muncie is still not talking to her.

3. Why does Ripley stop Muncie, Nyle, and Ezra?
(a) He is upset and wants to taunt them.
(b) He wants to ask them where Tyrus is.
(c) He wants to ask them to be friends.
(d) He tells them they are on his property.

4. What is Nyla's assignment for History?
(a) To write a letter to someone in history who has had the greatest impact on her.
(b) To memorize a famous speech.
(c) To read up on nuclear power.
(d) To study the reason for the Constitution.

5. Where does Nyle sit?
(a) She gets off the bus.
(b) All the way to the front.
(c) All the way to the back.
(d) In the row behind Muncie.

6. What happens when Muncie, Nyle and Ezra get to the house?
(a) Gran and Mrs. Trent nurse Ezra and the girls go up to clean up.
(b) Gran gets her shotgun out and goes to the truck.
(c) Nyle begins sobbing.
(d) Mrs. Trent sobs at the sight of Ezra.

7. For what does Ezra thank Nyle?
(a) For helping him recover.
(b) For sticking by him.
(c) For her understanding.
(d) For the puppy.

8. What do they name the puppy?
(a) Jasper.
(b) Barney.
(c) Eli.
(d) Shep.

9. Why is Nyle nervous?
(a) She hasn't told anyone about her new boyfriend, Ezra.
(b) She's afraid of what others will say when they see the Trents.
(c) She is wondering if George will think Ezra is her boyfriend.
(d) She hopes Gran doesn't say anything embarrassing.

10. Why does Ezra start writing?
(a) He is writing a poem for a girl at school.
(b) He wants to finish an English assignment.
(c) He's going to do the assignment also.
(d) He is working on a memoir about the accident.

11. What does Nyle choose to do?
(a) Memorize the Gettysburg Address.
(b) Write about Anne Frank.
(c) Read about how the atom was discovered.
(d) Study Ben Franklin's comments on the Constitution.

12. What do the teens teach the puppy?
(a) Nothing; it's too young to teach.
(b) To eat in one place.
(c) To be housebroken.
(d) Tricks.

13. What does Gran and Nyle deliver to Aunt May and Uncle Lemmy?
(a) Two pregnant ewes.
(b) A large bushel of mustard greens.
(c) A pregnant sow.
(d) Two pregnant dairy cows.

14. What do Ezra and Nyle feel as they walk back to the house?
(a) Sadness.
(b) A little embarrassed.
(c) A deeper connection.
(d) Elation.

15. What does Nyle see when she spots Ezra throughout the day?
(a) He is wearing his mask again.
(b) He is surrounded by girls.
(c) He is limping badly.
(d) He is alone and seems confused.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mr. Perry want Nyle to do?

2. What does Nyle do when she and Ezra are upstairs in Nyle's room?

3. Why does Nyle learn to cook?

4. Where does Gran take the Trents to see about some government assistance?

5. What book does Ezra choose out of Nyle's collection?

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