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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who shows up while Nyle is still alone?
(a) Shep.
(b) Muncie.
(c) Ripley.
(d) The sheriff.

2. How does Ezra treat his studies?
(a) He is loathe to pick up a book.
(b) He "devours" them.
(c) He refuses to have anything to do with them.
(d) He reads them dutifully.

3. Why does Ripley start crying?
(a) He confesses that his dog dies of radiation poisoning.
(b) Nyle calls him a bully.
(c) Muncie says he probably killed his own dog.
(d) Ezra hit him really hard.

4. For what does Ezra thank Nyle?
(a) For helping him recover.
(b) For the puppy.
(c) For her understanding.
(d) For sticking by him.

5. What does Nyle do?
(a) Hugs Shep as if he is the only thing left in the world.
(b) Runs inside and locks the door.
(c) Tells the sheriff what Ripley did.
(d) Tells Muncie everything about Ezra.

6. What does Muncie say about Ezra?
(a) That he is not right for her.
(b) That he is wonderful.
(c) That he will follow his heart.
(d) That he is dying.

7. What does Nyle like?
(a) The smell of hay burning.
(b) The crispness of the air.
(c) The smell of green wood burning.
(d) The two of them holding hands.

8. What is Muncie's response to the discussion?
(a) That Nyle treats her like everyone else.
(b) That she's already done most of her shopping.
(c) That the puppy is going to be a handful.
(d) That Muncie has seen George with Chyrstabel and he isn't worth Nyle's time.

9. What does Nyle see when she spots Ezra throughout the day?
(a) He is alone and seems confused.
(b) He is limping badly.
(c) He is wearing his mask again.
(d) He is surrounded by girls.

10. What does Muncie say about everyone?
(a) They all have to make their own choices.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Everyone is dying.
(d) They will support what is right usually.

11. What does Mr. Perry tell Nyle?
(a) That she is eligible for a full scholarship to college.
(b) That she is the valdictorian of the class.
(c) That she can get into the new A & M college because of her grades.
(d) That he knows about the evacuees at the house.

12. Why doesn't Nyle and Gran celebrate Christmas this year?
(a) Because of the power plant accident and the Trents never do.
(b) Because they think it's gotten too commercialized.
(c) They never celebrate Christmas.
(d) Because they have no money.

13. What do Muncie and Nyle finally discuss?
(a) Everything about Ezra being at the house.
(b) Why George didn't ask Nyle for the holiday dance.
(c) The rate the new puppy is growing.
(d) Helping each other shop for Christmas.

14. After Nyle takes another seat, what happens?
(a) Nyle begins to talk to another girl.
(b) Muncie stares at Nyle as if to ask why she didn't sit by her.
(c) Muncie puts on her headset and gets into her own world.
(d) Muncie removes her pack and lets another student sit beside her.

15. What doesn't Nyle tell Muncie about the puppy?
(a) That it belongs to Ezra.
(b) That it has radiation poisoning.
(c) That it is a present for Gran.
(d) That it has no name yet.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mr. Perry want Nyle to do?

2. Why are the farm inhabitants fairly safe from radiation?

3. Who enters the kitchen as Gran and Nyle are talking?

4. As Nyle is taking wood into her house, what does she spy?

5. What happens after Nyle reads a paper to Ezra?

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