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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mr. Harris do?
(a) Tells Nyle and Muncie a scary story as they card wool.
(b) Builds a fire for Nyle and Muncie.
(c) Plays the banjo to entertain the girls as they card wool.
(d) Milks the cow to make ice cream.

2. What does Nyle think about her science lesson?
(a) That she didn't think zygots were so interesting.
(b) That there were plenty of fruit flies on the bananas back home.
(c) That she hated the smell of sulfur.
(d) That it would have been better not to experience it firsthand.

3. What does Nyle decide to add to the farm?
(a) A guard dog.
(b) A new feeding trough.
(c) A horse to replace the pony Mr. Harris bought for Muncie.
(d) A new ram.

4. What does Nyle reply to Muncie's statement?
(a) That she wasn't as brave as she might have seemed.
(b) That no one will tell her who to hang out with.
(c) That she puts up with powers because he is violent.
(d) That they should put the sheep on a cart and call the vet.

5. What does Nyla do as she nuzzles Bayley?
(a) Tells Bayley that she wishes her father were here.
(b) Thinks that Ezra will die.
(c) Asks Bayley why he never seems sad.
(d) Tells Bayley about her problems with Muncie.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nyle wonder about her mask?

2. Who is Nyle yelling at as the story begins?

3. What does Nyla notice about Ezra when she enters his room?

4. What surprises Nyle when she goes to give Ezra a lesson on sheep farming?

5. Why does Nyle refuse Muncie's invitation?

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