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Cookshire - The residents of this small town near a nuclear plant evacuate after the nuclear leak occurs.

Cookshire Nuclear Plant - Mr. Trent, Ezra's father, is an executive at this plant.

Mask - Made from various articles of clothing in Catherine's family, Catherine wraps up some food in this and leaves it at the phantom's stone for the phantom to keep warm.

The Curtain - At the beginning of the novel, someone closes this in the back bedroom of the Sumner home, a rare occurrence.

The Back Bedroom - Nyle refers to this place in the Sumner home as the "dying room."

Radiation Detector - This measures the amount of radioactive waste in the air.

Wood Carrier - Every day after school, Nyle fills this and brings it into the kitchen to fill the wood box.

One-Pot Something - During the winter, Gran always made this...

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