Phoenix Rising Character Descriptions

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Nyle Sumner

This character is a thirteen-year-old girl who is orphaned and living with her grandmother on a sheep farm just outside of what used to be Cookshire.


A woman who has led a hard life, knowing the pain of losing a daughter and then a husband, this character marches onward.

Muncie Harris

The small child or "runt" of the Harris family, this character has straw-blond hair, blue eyes behind glasses, a big head, and short arms and legs.

Ezra Trent

The night of the accident, this character could not reach his father and ran over to the nuclear plant to find him.

Mrs. Trent (Miriam)

This character is in her late forties or early fifties and has just a few wrinkles around her large, green eyes and speaks with elegance. She has an accent and uses formal language.


This character is a black and white...

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