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Chapter 1

• Nyle scares off Tyrus, Ripley Powers' dog, who just killed a sheep.

• Ripley approaches and Nyle and he exchange heated words.

• Ripley taunts Muncie and asks why Nyle hangs out with a "freak."

• Nyle defends her friend and friendship with Muncie.

• Muncie tells Nyle she will understand if Nyle doesn't want to be friends.
• The two girls part ways to go to their respective homes.

• Approaching home, Nyle notices the back room curtain is drawn.

• Nyle's grandmother, Gran, does not open the door at Nyle's call.

Chapter 2

• Nyle finishes her chores and still no sign of Gran, the dog, or the cat.

• Gran finally appears and tells Nyle they have taken in two evacuees.

• Nyle expresses anger at the accident and Gran advices her to lose it.

• Ezra and his mother, Mrs. Trent have no resources or place to stay.

• Gran encourages Nyle to get involved with...

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