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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Anodos cannot reach a conclusion about his feelings for the Maiden of the Alder, what does he think about next?
(a) Where the Ash tree is.
(b) The person who saved him from the Ash tree.
(c) If Fairy Land is real or a dream.
(d) How he is going to get home.

2. When will Anodos make the discovery told to him by the small woman?
(a) The day before his birthday.
(b) The day after his birthday.
(c) The day of his birthday.
(d) Two days after his birthday.

3. What does the small woman tell Anodos he will discover?
(a) A long-lost brother.
(b) The entrance to Fairy Land.
(c) The entrance to Fantasy World.
(d) A priceless piece of jewelry.

4. In the story Anodos retells about women with wings, what determines the color of the women's wings?
(a) The color of their parents' wings.
(b) The location in which the women are born.
(c) The year in which the women are born.
(d) The season in which the women are born.

5. What thought comforts Anodos when he worries the Ash may be searching for him?
(a) The young girl told him that the Ash fell over.
(b) The young girl told him that the Ash took a path away from him.
(c) The young girl told him that the Ash is dying.
(d) The young girl told him the magic words to defend himself against the Ash.

Short Answer Questions

1. What must Anodos climb at the edge of the forest?

2. When Anodos awakens the morning after he sleeps in a room identical to his room at home, what does he hope to discover as he explores the Fairy Palace?

3. What does Anodos do as he moves through the forest after seeing the flowers?

4. How are Anodos' needs met during his stay at the Fairy Palace?

5. After Anodos learns about the inhabitants of the forest, what does he do?

Short Essay Questions

1. What might happen to Anodos if he travels through the forest without knowing about the Ash tree?

2. How does Anodos react when he sees the open field from the room in which he sleeps at the farmhouse?

3. How does the discovery of a room inside the Fairy Palace that looks like his own bedroom comfort Anodos?

4. Why is it appropriate that Anodos meets the old woman and her daughter first as he travels through Fairy Land?

5. Why does Anodos awaken a little disoriented the day after his twenty-first birthday?

6. Why do you think Anodos' room is transformed into a forest rather than another type of nature environment?

7. How does Anodos' childlike innocence help him as he travels through Fairy Land?

8. Why do you think Anodos' father made provisions for Anodos to inherit the secretary desk?

9. Why do you think the old woman refuses to tell the truth of the woods to Anodos?

10. What personality characteristic of Anodos gives him access to Fairy Land?

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