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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What causes the pain Anodos feels as he vows to protect those he left behind?
(a) Someone is being buried next to him.
(b) Someone is digging him up.
(c) He is still partly alive.
(d) His heart is breaking.

2. What does the lady in the mirror ask Cosmo to do after she walks into his room?
(a) Free her.
(b) Marry her.
(c) Forget about her.
(d) Escort her to a party.

3. What is the condition of the shoreline on which Anodos stands after the rock walls close in on him?
(a) Inviting.
(b) Dismal.
(c) Crowded.
(d) Bright.

4. After Anodos kills his giant, where does he see the other two giants?
(a) Running away.
(b) Lying on the grass.
(c) They have disappeared.
(d) Advancing on him.

5. What instrument does Anodos acquire from one of the dancers In the crimson hall as Anodos sings to make the white lady appear?
(a) A harpsichord.
(b) A lute.
(c) A harp.
(d) A trumpet.

6. What do the goblin-like creatures Anodos meets on his journey in the hole tell him?
(a) To go back.
(b) The white lady is not meant for him.
(c) The location of the white lady.
(d) The white lady is in love with him.

7. After Anodos leaves the tower and starts off on a new journey through the forest, what is the horse of the knight with the rusty armor pulling?
(a) A slain dragon.
(b) The Ash tree.
(c) One of the three giants.
(d) A marble figure.

8. What happens to the two brothers in the battle with the three giants?
(a) The two brothers slay their giants, then help Anodos slay his giant.
(b) The two brothers run to the town for help.
(c) The two brothers hide in the tower.
(d) The two brothers are killed.

9. What happens when Cosmo destroys the mirror?
(a) The Maiden of the Alder appears.
(b) The lady dies.
(c) Cosmo dies.
(d) The lady vanishes.

10. What does Anodos think about the ceremony he and the knight are observing that makes Anodos want to get close to the front?
(a) Anodos thinks the ceremony will help the knight.
(b) Anodos thinks the ceremony will help him get home.
(c) Anodos thinks he sees the tale of Sir Percivale and Sir Galahad is being used in the ceremony.
(d) Anodos thinks the ceremony is evil.

11. In the crimson hall, where does the white lady appear as Anodos sings?
(a) In a chair.
(b) On her pedestal.
(c) In an open coffin.
(d) Lying on a marble bench.

12. How does Anodos communicate his feelings for the white lady to the goblin-like creatures?
(a) He sings.
(b) He writes on the wall of the hole.
(c) He makes up a poem.
(d) He shouts.

13. How many doors of the cottage does Anodos pass through to explore the island?
(a) Five.
(b) Three.
(c) Two.
(d) Four.

14. Why does Anodos become frustrated after the white lady wavers between her life form and her stone form?
(a) He thinks his attempts to find a way home were futile.
(b) He thinks his attempts to find the white lady in the crimson hall were futile.
(c) He thinks his attempts to rid himself of the shadow were futile.
(d) He thinks his attempts to bring the white lady to life were futile.

15. After Anodos leaves the king and reaches the edge of a forest, what does a young man warn Anodos about?
(a) The Ash tree.
(b) The forest is enchanted.
(c) The king.
(d) Knights in shining armor.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the old woman, who changes into a beautiful woman while Anodos is in the hole, offer him?

2. What does Cosmo worry about when the lady in the mirror doesn't appear?

3. What do the three giants that Anodos and the two brothers have to battle possess as they threaten the country?

4. How does Anodos react to the white lady after she wavers between her life form and her stone form?

5. What does Cosmo do to impress the lady in the mirror?

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