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Robert K. Massie
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Short Answer Questions

1. According to Chapter 29, what positive improvements were part of Peter's reign?

2. Which new fleet did Peter use in Chapter 44?

3. Peter's westward travels in 1716-1717 had the following three goals: to recover his health, to attend his niece's wedding, and to __________.

4. England's William I, who had sent the fleet each summer to advance Hanover's interests, reversed alliances for what reason?

5. How old was Peter Petrovich when he was named heir?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Chapter 42, "Fifty Blows on the Pruth," take its title from?

2. How did Peter compare with his son, Alexis?

3. Peter gave orders as early as January, 1707, that directed what to be done to Poland?

4. What did Charles XII and his advance regiments find upon arrival at Baturin on November 11?

5. What sort of life did Catherine originate from?

6. According to Chapter 36, how confident did Charles XII feel in early April ?

7. What sort of effect did the arrival of Charles XII in Germany have?

8. Given England's 100-ship Royal Navy, why did the Baltic powers have relatively smaller fleets?

9. What was Peter's response when he learned of the death of Charles XII?

10. How did Peter respond to his Poltava triumph?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What often mortifying physical disorder began to afflict Peter in the prime of his early manhood?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss why Peter failed in his initial attack on Azov, but he was successful in a subsequent assault? In what manner did this affect his status in Russia and in Europe?

Essay Topic 3

Since Peter knew Charles XII fully intended to lead his army across Poland to invade Russia, what measures of defense did he undertake?

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