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Robert K. Massie
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While his people yearned for peace, Charles XII drafted new troops, raised taxes, and was aided by Baron Georg Heinrich von Goertz in becoming what?
(a) His voice if not his brain.
(b) Both his voice and brain.
(c) His brain but not his voice.
(d) Support, but not his brain.

2. Charles XII was impatient, but a competent Russian attack surprised him when he crossed which waterway?
(a) Pripet River.
(b) Vistula River.
(c) Dnieper River.
(d) Dvina River.

3. Alexis was formally denounced, yet was promised forgiveness on what condition?
(a) He would publicly weep.
(b) He would undertake military training.
(c) He would publicly beg forgiveness.
(d) He would name accomplices.

4. Where did Charles XII flee as Peter made his first disciplined infantry launch?
(a) Tatar asylum.
(b) Royal asylum.
(c) Cossack asylum.
(d) Catholic asylum.

5. Although Mazeppa had run into his arms, why was Charles XII desperate?
(a) His troops wanted to surrender.
(b) He was surrounded, low on food and gunpowder.
(c) His army was divided, low on food and medicine.
(d) He was deep in enemy territory, low on food and gunpowder.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom did Peter's son Alexis marry in Chapter 43?

2. Entering Peter's world through Lefort, how did Massie describe Alexander Menshikov in Chapter 28?

3. Which new fleet did Peter use in Chapter 44?

4. Which Councillor of State controlled French foreign policy because of the age of Louis XV?

5. Upon meeting King Louis XV, Peter shocked the French by lifting him up and ___________.

Short Essay Questions

1. Throughout Peter's reign, why was he seen as constantly moving?

2. What did Alexis do on the evening of November 10, 1716?

3. In Chapter 33, what did the author describe Charles XII and Peter as having done in the early summer months?

4. Why did Charles XII turn south in mid-September and send General Anders Lagercrona's vanguard ahead?

5. Why was it Russia appeared to have significantly deteriorated in comparison to Sweden in the spring of 1720?

6. How did the reign of Louis XIV of France compare with Peter's of Russia?

7. St. Petersburg came about in what fashion?

8. What did Charles XII and his advance regiments find upon arrival at Baturin on November 11?

9. What took place in the Great Audience Hall in Moscow on February 3, 1718?

10. How did Peter respond to his Poltava triumph?

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