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Robert K. Massie
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who kept order as Peter embarked on the "Great Embassy"?
(a) Romodanovsky.
(b) Novodevichy.
(c) Streltsy.
(d) Nikolaevna.

2. Peter was humiliated across Europe when Swedes broke through what type of defenses that the Russians built at Narva?
(a) Adequate.
(b) Inferior.
(c) Strong.
(d) Acceptable.

3. What did the author note Peter seemed to identify as the key while he embarked on his "Great Embassy" travels?
(a) Naval dominance.
(b) Civil acceptance.
(c) Religious tolerance.
(d) International mercantilism.

4. Peter was careful to wander, survey, and practice all that he saw Western technology and science reveal, and he dedicated himself to ____________.
(a) Achieving the same in Russia.
(b) Advancing international well-being.
(c) Using the same to conquer Sweden.
(d) Using the same to conquer the West.

5. Peter was concerned by the loss at Narva, but he spared nothing to outfit and train his new army under whom?
(a) Brutus Sheremetev.
(b) Alexis Sheremetev.
(c) Boris Sheremetev.
(d) Markus Sheremetev.

Short Answer Questions

1. Since Peter needed a more systematic approach to naval concerns, he visited England. How long was he in England?

2. Tsar Alexis is described as what type of ruler?

3. Where did Peter build an outpost that grew into the Kronstadt naval base?

4. Charles XII broke traditions, proved rash in using disciplined troops, and forced battles. How long did it take for Russia to stand up to him?

5. What was William III doing in Holland when the "Great Embassy" arrived?

Short Essay Questions

1. What were some of the problems Peter found taking place in the shipyards at Voronezh when he returned from his Embassy tour?

2. How was Sophia overthrown?

3. According to Chapter 9, what did Peter find in the German Suburb?

4. Why did Peter select the location he did for St. Petersburg?

5. What battle did Peter decide to engage in at age 22?

6. Who did Peter meet when his Embassy came to an end unexpectedly, and he headed home?

7. What took place for Peter on his initial trip to Archangel in 1693?

8. What was the astonishing test Peter applied to the welcome which noblemen offered him when he returned from the Great Embassy tour?

9. What intentional humiliations did former elite troops that comprised old Muscovite armies sustain following Sophia's downfall?

10. Why was Peter anxious to meet King William of England in Holland?

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