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Robert K. Massie
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. William III met Peter, long an admirer of his military exploits against _____________.
(a) The Greek Orthodox Church.
(b) Protestantism.
(c) Catholicism.
(d) Judaism.

2. What was the result of Golitsyn's encounter with the Khan of the Crimea?
(a) One failed campaign.
(b) One failed and one victorious campaigns.
(c) Two failed campaigns.
(d) One victorious campaign.

3. What were some ways Peter broke tradition beyond freeing himself of Eudoxia, shaving nobles' beards, and using decorations in lieu of land as rewards?
(a) Reforming the calendar and currency.
(b) Affording peasants, not serfs, voting rights.
(c) Reforming Russian feudal system.
(d) Offering land in exchange for military service.

4. Peter was concerned by the loss at Narva, but he spared nothing to outfit and train his new army under whom?
(a) Alexis Sheremetev.
(b) Brutus Sheremetev.
(c) Markus Sheremetev.
(d) Boris Sheremetev.

5. Golitsyn was responsible for what foreign policy highpoint of the Regency?
(a) Return of Moscow to Russian control.
(b) Return of Kazan to Russian control.
(c) Return of Kiev to Russian control.
(d) Return of Perm to Russian control.

Short Answer Questions

1. Eudoxia Lopukhina bore Peter __________ before they were estranged.

2. Which nations sided with Charles XII against Denmark to keep the European political status quo?

3. As many fundamentalists rallied behind Archpriest Avvakum, where did others populate?

4. The foes that surrounded Orthodox Russia included Sweden, Poland, the Ottoman Empire, and which other enemy?

5. What happened to Sophia after her inner circle was tortured and Peter refused to see her?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was Peter's response following his initial defeat against Charles XII?

2. What intentional humiliations did former elite troops that comprised old Muscovite armies sustain following Sophia's downfall?

3. What sequence transpired that resulted in Peter coming to power?

4. When he came to power, what was the confrontation Charles XII faced with Peter?

5. What was Peter's key to power in Russia during the initial half of his life?

6. How did King William find Peter shortly following his arrival in London?

7. What were some examples that reflected how seventeenth century European wars, despite deadliness and scope that steadily grew, still retained obedience of rules?

8. How did Sophia attempt to ensure that her brief state of thriving during Fedor's time continued following his death?

9. What were Peter's distinguishing physical characteristics when he was age 22?

10. Who was Russia's Fedor Golovin?

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