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Robert K. Massie
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When did Charles XII launch his surprise campaign against Narva?
(a) Winter.
(b) Spring.
(c) Summer.
(d) Autumn.

2. What did Peter use to assess the plot and rid himself of the menace?
(a) Interrogations.
(b) Tortues.
(c) Threats.
(d) Bribes.

3. Which nations sided with Charles XII against Denmark to keep the European political status quo?
(a) Netherlands, Finland.
(b) England, Poland.
(c) England, Netherlands.
(d) Finland, Poland.

4. Since Peter needed a more systematic approach to naval concerns, he visited England. How long was he in England?
(a) Four months.
(b) Ten months.
(c) Eight months.
(d) Six months.

5. How did Sophia use Fedor's funeral to break tradition?
(a) Mourned, chanted publicly.
(b) Mourned, prayed privately.
(c) Mourned, cried publicly.
(d) Mourned, raged publicly.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the result of Golitsyn's encounter with the Khan of the Crimea?

2. How long did Peter work at the Dutch company to learn his trade?

3. What were some ways Peter broke tradition beyond freeing himself of Eudoxia, shaving nobles' beards, and using decorations in lieu of land as rewards?

4. In Chapter 12, Peter felt the need to shore up a dying anti-Turkish alliance and European worries grew regarding whose ambitions?

5. Charles XII broke traditions, proved rash in using disciplined troops, and forced battles. How long did it take for Russia to stand up to him?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why was Peter anxious to meet King William of England in Holland?

2. How was Sophia overthrown?

3. What was the youth of Charles XII of Sweden like?

4. How did the author describe London in the era Peter visited?

5. What did Peter initially state was his aim in attacking Sweden in the Great Northern War?

6. What intentional humiliations did former elite troops that comprised old Muscovite armies sustain following Sophia's downfall?

7. What was Peter's response following his initial defeat against Charles XII?

8. What significant affairs transpired during Sophia's reign?

9. What were some of the problems Peter found taking place in the shipyards at Voronezh when he returned from his Embassy tour?

10. What took place for Peter on his initial trip to Archangel in 1693?

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