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Robert K. Massie
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Catherine first married Peter quietly in _______, and later, with full pomp in ________.
(a) 1705, 1706.
(b) 1707, 1708.
(c) 1711, 1712.
(d) 1709, 1710.

2. Where did Alexis finally seek asylum after originally being ordered by Peter to go to Copenhagen?
(a) Austria.
(b) Prussia.
(c) Turkey.
(d) Hungary.

3. The fifty blows mentioned in the title of Chapter 42 were only half the number Peter deserved for risking capture at what location?
(a) City of Pruth.
(b) Frigate Pruth.
(c) Fortress Pruth.
(d) Pruth River.

4. From where did Peter seek a mediator or ally after determining that fanatical Charles XII was certain to invade Russia?
(a) Britain, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Prussia.
(b) Britain, Estonia, France, Ingria, Netherlands.
(c) Denmark, France, Livonia, Netherlands, Western Poland.
(d) Britain, Denmark, Finland, Karelia, Prussia.

5. Charles XII was impatient, but a competent Russian attack surprised him when he crossed which waterway?
(a) Dvina River.
(b) Vistula River.
(c) Pripet River.
(d) Dnieper River.

6. According to Chapter 50, what had Peter been oblivious to and curious about before Paris in 1717?
(a) Oblivious to majesty, curious about everything.
(b) Oblivious to pomp, curious about museums.
(c) Oblivious to grandeur, curious about architecture.
(d) Oblivious to resplendence, curious about theater.

7. With Severia lost, where did Charles XII go?
(a) Lithuania.
(b) Ukraine.
(c) Slovakia.
(d) Belarus.

8. The rulers of which two Christian principalities secretly agreed to help in fighting Turkey?
(a) Mongolia, Lithuania.
(b) Moldavia, Walachia,
(c) Mongolia, Walachia,
(d) Lithuania, Moldavia.

9. Charles XII went home to Sweden only after he took Danish Rügen. How many years had passed?
(a) Eighteen.
(b) Fifteen.
(c) Twelve.
(d) Nine.

10. Russia captured Riga and _________.
(a) Vysokovsk.
(b) Vyborg,
(c) Vyksa.
(d) Vysotsk.

11. Chapter 37 described a clash that was most effective because of Rehnskjold's failure to share what with fellow generals?
(a) Gunpowder.
(b) Food supplies.
(c) Reinforcements.
(d) Battle plans.

12. General Lewenhaupt was sent for a massive quantity of supplies, but his effort bogged down and cost the campaign of Charles XII how much time?
(a) Nearly a year.
(b) Days.
(c) Months.
(d) Weeks.

13. Alexis was formally denounced, yet was promised forgiveness on what condition?
(a) He would name accomplices.
(b) He would undertake military training.
(c) He would publicly weep.
(d) He would publicly beg forgiveness.

14. Peter's meddling with Ahmed's restive subjects in ______was covered in Chapter 41.
(a) 1714-1715.
(b) 1712-1713.
(c) 1710-1711.
(d) 1708-1709.

15. Chapter 36 brought spring's oppressive heat, but Charles XII rejected what at this point?
(a) A peace feeler.
(b) His officer's call to surrender.
(c) His troops' call to flee.
(d) His officer's call to retreat.

Short Answer Questions

1. Following his stay in Adrianople, where did Charles XII race?

2. Largely due to Peter Tolstoy's diplomacy, which group remained out of the Northern War?

3. Why was it that Peter's 1717 visit to France yielded no diplomatic fruit?

4. Entering Peter's world through Lefort, how did Massie describe Alexander Menshikov in Chapter 28?

5. Peter was heading home via which city when he met Prussia's King Frederick I and his son Frederick William?

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