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Robert K. Massie
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Due to the French monarch's age, who served as Regent for Louis XV?
(a) Philippe, Duc d'Orléans.
(b) Charles Eugene, Duc Du Croy.
(c) Anthony Devier.
(d) Abbé Guillaume Duboi.

2. Catherine first married Peter quietly in _______, and later, with full pomp in ________.
(a) 1709, 1710.
(b) 1711, 1712.
(c) 1707, 1708.
(d) 1705, 1706.

3. Russia captured Riga and _________.
(a) Vyborg,
(b) Vyksa.
(c) Vysotsk.
(d) Vysokovsk.

4. Following his stay in Adrianople, where did Charles XII race?
(a) To Pyntz.
(b) To Pomerania.
(c) To Pollnow.
(d) To Plath.

5. Peter was able to launch a disciplined infantry line which enveloped ________/
(a) Charging Swedes.
(b) Retreating Swedes.
(c) Counter-striking Swedes.
(d) Fleeing Swedes.

6. Entering Peter's world through Lefort, how did Massie describe Alexander Menshikov in Chapter 28?
(a) Talented, greedy, dangerous.
(b) Calculating, greedy, talented.
(c) Educated, calculating, fearless.
(d) Fearless, edutated, dangerous.

7. Seeking to restore old Moscow, Charles XII takes a direct thrust at Russia's heart rather than first restoring which sea?
(a) Mediterranean Sea.
(b) Red Sea.
(c) Baltic Sea.
(d) Dead Sea.

8. Peter had ten redoubts built in what formation, that slowed enemy attacks?
(a) "T."
(b) "V."
(c) "W."
(d) "M."

9. Charles XII went home to Sweden only after he took Danish Rügen. How many years had passed?
(a) Nine.
(b) Twelve.
(c) Eighteen.
(d) Fifteen.

10. Unable to fight with Sweden or Britain in new "ship-of-the-line" warships, what did Peter build that could sail close to shore and swarm larger ships?
(a) Rowed kayaks.
(b) Rowed galleys.
(c) Rowed frigates.
(d) Rowed catamarans.

11. Where did Alexis finally seek asylum after originally being ordered by Peter to go to Copenhagen?
(a) Turkey.
(b) Austria.
(c) Prussia.
(d) Hungary.

12. After being cornered, what areas did Peter abandon that resulted in his survival and making peace with Charles XII?
(a) Poland, Slovakia, Tagonrog.
(b) Azov, Slovakia, Tagonrog.
(c) Azov, Poland, Slovakia.
(d) Azov, Poland, Tagonrog.

13. What title of Chapter 39 reflected the celebration of deliverance and foreign capitals that offered dynastic marriages and treaties?
(a) "The Fruits of Poltava."
(b) "The Fruits of Pervomaisk."
(c) "The Fruits of Pryluky."
(d) "The Fruits of Perechyn."

14. Protestants sought to keep Charles XII apart from whom?
(a) Peter.
(b) Leopold I.
(c) Augusus II.
(d) Louis XIV.

15. Peter was heading home via which city when he met Prussia's King Frederick I and his son Frederick William?
(a) Bremen.
(b) Belzig.
(c) Bremerhauen.
(d) Berlin.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what location were Alexis and Afrosinia initially hidden by Emperor Charles VI?

2. Peter, unaware if St. Petersburg or Moscow was the goal of Charles XII, set for both and burned a swath how long from Smolensk to Pskov?

3. In Chapter 29, where were open rebellions by Streltsy repressed?

4. Peter conquered coastal Finland, invaded the Aland Islands, and seized how many ships off Cape Hangö in one summer?

5. When Peter found evidence of Alexis' whereabouts, where did Charles VI move Alexis?

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