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Robert K. Massie
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to Sophia after her inner circle was tortured and Peter refused to see her?
(a) She was executed.
(b) She was banished to Golitsyn's place of exile.
(c) She was forced to see the torture and execution of her inner circle.
(d) She was sent for life to Novodevichy Convent.

2. In Chapter 3, who was Sophia?
(a) Sister.
(b) Half-sister.
(c) Cousin.
(d) Aunt.

3. Peter could be easily identified and thronged until he was set up securely in which dockyard?
(a) East India Company.
(b) Rotterdam Naval Shipyard.
(c) Amserdam Shipping Company.
(d) Netherlands Nautical, Ltd.

4. Peter was shown in Chapter 6 as having preferred activities out of the way at _______________.
(a) Petrozavodsk.
(b) Pavlovsky Posad.
(c) Pitkyaranta.
(d) Preobrazhenskoe.

5. Peter evaded an anti-Swedish alliance in Prussia to concentrate on whom?
(a) French.
(b) Poles.
(c) Spanish.
(d) Turks.

6. Golitsyn was responsible for what foreign policy highpoint of the Regency?
(a) Return of Kazan to Russian control.
(b) Return of Perm to Russian control.
(c) Return of Kiev to Russian control.
(d) Return of Moscow to Russian control.

7. When Ivan and Peter were crowned as co-tsars, Sophia took over as __________.
(a) Princess.
(b) Queen.
(c) Governor.
(d) Regent.

8. Chapter 15 reflected William III, simultaneously King of England and Stadholder of Holland, as __________.
(a) Sovereign Prince of Orange,
(b) Sovereign Prince of Bordeaux,
(c) Sovereign Prince of Champagne-Ardenne,
(d) Sovereign Prince of Buckingham,

9. What did the author note Peter seemed to identify as the key while he embarked on his "Great Embassy" travels?
(a) International mercantilism.
(b) Naval dominance.
(c) Civil acceptance.
(d) Religious tolerance.

10. Peter dealt grimly with the Streltsy after they marched _____________ to replace the absent Tsar.
(a) On Moscow.
(b) On Archangel.
(c) On Preobrazhenskoe.
(d) On Semyonovskoe.

11. When did the founding of St. Petersburg transpire?
(a) 1705.
(b) 1707.
(c) 1703.
(d) 1701.

12. Peter was humiliated across Europe when Swedes broke through what type of defenses that the Russians built at Narva?
(a) Inferior.
(b) Strong.
(c) Adequate.
(d) Acceptable.

13. "Great Embassy" member in Russia felt that Europeans who embraced music, art, literature, and science were _________.
(a) "Iconoclasts."
(b) "Pagans."
(c) "Agnostics."
(d) "Heretics."

14. Peter was concerned by the loss at Narva, but he spared nothing to outfit and train his new army under whom?
(a) Alexis Sheremetev.
(b) Boris Sheremetev.
(c) Markus Sheremetev.
(d) Brutus Sheremetev.

15. Peter himself went incognito among the 250-member staff as whom?
(a) Peter Voznitsyn.
(b) Peter Mikhailov.
(c) Peter Makarov.
(d) Peter Golovin.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Sophia use Fedor's funeral to break tradition?

2. Seventeenth century European wars were shown to be steadily growing in deadliness and scope, yet what rules were they still obeying?

3. Sieges were preferred to open-field battle and frequently ended in what manner?

4. Peter's passion for sailing began when he and his tutor found, refurbished, and took a boat out on what lake?

5. What were some ways Peter broke tradition beyond freeing himself of Eudoxia, shaving nobles' beards, and using decorations in lieu of land as rewards?

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