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Robert K. Massie
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Chapter 21 reflected Peter was back at his highest priority, finding in his shipyards any waste, shortages, or ________.
(a) Rewardable efforts.
(b) New ideas.
(c) Sullen workers.
(d) Punishable activities.

2. William III was not ready when he met Peter during the "Great Embassy" to ally against which group?
(a) Turks.
(b) Poles.
(c) Swedes.
(d) Greeks.

3. Leopold I promised not to relinquish gains Peter made at Azov, but he offered no assistance in gaining entry to which sea?
(a) Baltic Sea.
(b) Black Sea.
(c) Adriatic Sea.
(d) Mediterranean Sea.

4. Reports that the Streltsy were marching against him sent Peter in flight by night to the historic Troitsky Monastery______________.
(a) On Nizhnevartovsk.
(b) On Veliky Novgorod.
(c) On Preobrazhenskoe.
(d) On Angarsk.

5. For how many years was Anna Mons the mistress of Peter?
(a) Six.
(b) Ten.
(c) Twelve.
(d) Eight.

6. William III met Peter, long an admirer of his military exploits against _____________.
(a) The Greek Orthodox Church.
(b) Catholicism.
(c) Judaism.
(d) Protestantism.

7. When was Peter born?
(a) June 30, 1672.
(b) August 30, 1672.
(c) April 30, 1672.
(d) May 30, 1672.

8. How did Sophia use Fedor's funeral to break tradition?
(a) Mourned, chanted publicly.
(b) Mourned, cried publicly.
(c) Mourned, prayed privately.
(d) Mourned, raged publicly.

9. In Chapter 25, Peter attacked a 13th-century Estonian seaport fortress that was defended by how many men?
(a) 1,900.
(b) 1,100.
(c) 700.
(d) 1,500.

10. Patriarch Nikon, who challenged Alexis and sternly enforced his own views, was deposed in what year?
(a) 1666.
(b) 1662.
(c) 1660.
(d) 1664.

11. Peter was treated as an upstart monarch, but he behaved with decorum as he was eager to meet Leopold I, master of _____________.
(a) Central Europe.
(b) Southern Europe.
(c) Eastern Europe.
(d) All nations surrounding the Black Sea.

12. Whom did Peter tax after his eventual triumph at Azov?
(a) Landowners, the church.
(b) The church, merchants.
(c) Landowners, commoners.
(d) Merchants, landowners.

13. What was the name of the frigate Peter helped to construct?
(a) "Moscow."
(b) "Rotterdam."
(c) "Archangel."
(d) "Amsterdam."

14. Chapter 5 provided background on the "Old Believers" revolt against ritual reforms in the church that dated from ___________.
(a) Alexis' day.
(b) Genghis Khan's day.
(c) Brutus' day.
(d) Peter's day.

15. What happened to Sophia after her inner circle was tortured and Peter refused to see her?
(a) She was sent for life to Novodevichy Convent.
(b) She was forced to see the torture and execution of her inner circle.
(c) She was executed.
(d) She was banished to Golitsyn's place of exile.

Short Answer Questions

1. Peter dealt harshly with robbers and beggars, especially ones who ________________.

2. Which friend did Peter bury In March, 1699?

3. When Ivan and Peter were crowned as co-tsars, Sophia took over as __________.

4. The "Great Embassy" ended abruptly before a trip to ________________because word came that the Streltsy were rebelling?

5. Tsar Alexis is described as what type of ruler?

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