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Robert K. Massie
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Peter dealt grimly with the Streltsy after they marched _____________ to replace the absent Tsar.
(a) On Archangel.
(b) On Preobrazhenskoe.
(c) On Moscow.
(d) On Semyonovskoe.

2. What happened to Sophia after her inner circle was tortured and Peter refused to see her?
(a) She was sent for life to Novodevichy Convent.
(b) She was executed.
(c) She was banished to Golitsyn's place of exile.
(d) She was forced to see the torture and execution of her inner circle.

3. Peter dealt harshly with robbers and beggars, especially ones who ________________.
(a) Threatened foreigners.
(b) Threatened the ill or handicapped.
(c) Threatened women.
(d) Threatened children.

4. Peter was shown in Chapter 6 as having preferred activities out of the way at _______________.
(a) Pitkyaranta.
(b) Petrozavodsk.
(c) Pavlovsky Posad.
(d) Preobrazhenskoe.

5. How did Sophia use Fedor's funeral to break tradition?
(a) Mourned, raged publicly.
(b) Mourned, prayed privately.
(c) Mourned, cried publicly.
(d) Mourned, chanted publicly.

6. In Chapter 9, Peter was shown enjoying his freedom for how many more years?
(a) Three.
(b) Five.
(c) One.
(d) Seven.

7. Chapter 1 described Moscow in what period?
(a) The 1670s.
(b) The 1650s.
(c) The 1680s.
(d) The 1660s.

8. Peter failed in his efforts with Leopold I to gain an ally against the Turks, as Austria was seeking peace in anticipation of new warfare in _____________.
(a) The East.
(b) The West.
(c) The North.
(d) The South.

9. Peter was treated as an upstart monarch, but he behaved with decorum as he was eager to meet Leopold I, master of _____________.
(a) All nations surrounding the Black Sea.
(b) Southern Europe.
(c) Eastern Europe.
(d) Central Europe.

10. Chapter 21 reflected Peter was back at his highest priority, finding in his shipyards any waste, shortages, or ________.
(a) New ideas.
(b) Punishable activities.
(c) Rewardable efforts.
(d) Sullen workers.

11. While he maintained his devotion to Orthodoxy, Peter investigated Anglicanism and was fascinated by which denomination?
(a) Episcopalians.
(b) Quakers.
(c) Methodists.
(d) Unitarians.

12. Who was the King of Poland that Peter met en route home?
(a) Augustus I.
(b) Wilhelm.
(c) Augustus II.
(d) Heinrich I.

13. What were some ways Peter broke tradition beyond freeing himself of Eudoxia, shaving nobles' beards, and using decorations in lieu of land as rewards?
(a) Affording peasants, not serfs, voting rights.
(b) Reforming the calendar and currency.
(c) Offering land in exchange for military service.
(d) Reforming Russian feudal system.

14. Chapter 20 drew heavily on accounts by an Austrian named ______________________who depicts Peter partying as the events in the previous chapters unfold.
(a) Heinrich Rudolf Hertz.
(b) Bernhard Victor Schmidt.
(c) Georg-Johann Korb.
(d) Johann-Georg Korb.

15. After serfs and peasants were drafted by the thousands for unskilled shipbuilding labor, what work moved swiftly despite what?
(a) High desertion and death rates, poor machinery,
(b) High desertion and death rates, no machinery,
(c) High desertion and death rates, minimal machinery,
(d) Moderate desertion and death rates, no machinery,

Short Answer Questions

1. When was Peter born?

2. Since Peter needed a more systematic approach to naval concerns, he visited England. How long was he in England?

3. At what age did Peter lose his father?

4. After his mother died, Peter returned to Archangel, launched a ship, almost drowned on another, and took delivery and command of a warship built where?

5. What was the result of Golitsyn's encounter with the Khan of the Crimea?

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