Peter the Great: His Life and World Short Essay - Answer Key

Robert K. Massie
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1. What was Moscow like in Peter's youth?

In Peter's youth Moscow was surrounded by walls of brick and earth. It was a commercial city with a bustling life of tradespeople, idlers, artisans, soldiers, laborers, and peasants. Carts and wagons struggled through a sea of people; however, these individuals parted for a nobleman on horseback or a bearded boyar. On street corners various entertainers such as animal handlers, musicians, acrobats, and jugglers performed. Activity in taverns was rowdy, and drunks lay outside in rows.

2. What sequence transpired that resulted in Peter coming to power?

Born in 1672, Peter lost his father three years later and was seen by the Miloslavsky in-laws as a threat to the invalid Tsar Fedor. Peter and his family fell safely from public view until Fedor died without an heir. The choice fell to physically challenged brother Ivan or healthy half-brother Peter. The people acclaimed a reluctant Peter who was only ten years old.

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