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Robert K. Massie
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, The Great Embassy, Chapters 17-21.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What observation could be made about Peter given that he enjoyed Mock-Synod celebrations at Christmas and before Lent, stood with troops rather than the Patriarch at Epiphany when the Moscow River is blessed, and ended executions with bodies being buried as Lent begins?
(a) Peter's actions were predictable.
(b) Peter's reasoning was systematic.
(c) Peter's moods swang unpredictably.
(d) Peter's exploits were well thought out.

2. The "Great Embassy" was led by Lefort, two key diplomats, and ____________.
(a) "Students."
(b) "Educators."
(c) "Volunteers."
(d) "Engineers."

3. Peter dealt grimly with the Streltsy after they marched _____________ to replace the absent Tsar.
(a) On Moscow.
(b) On Archangel.
(c) On Semyonovskoe.
(d) On Preobrazhenskoe.

4. Reports that the Streltsy were marching against him sent Peter in flight by night to the historic Troitsky Monastery______________.
(a) On Nizhnevartovsk.
(b) On Angarsk.
(c) On Preobrazhenskoe.
(d) On Veliky Novgorod.

5. Chapter 15 reflected William III, simultaneously King of England and Stadholder of Holland, as __________.
(a) Sovereign Prince of Buckingham,
(b) Sovereign Prince of Orange,
(c) Sovereign Prince of Champagne-Ardenne,
(d) Sovereign Prince of Bordeaux,

Short Answer Questions

1. At what age did Peter lose his father?

2. William III was not ready when he met Peter during the "Great Embassy" to ally against which group?

3. Tsar Alexis is described as what type of ruler?

4. What happened to Peter's great fleet when he sent an envoy on the first Russian warship to enter the Black Sea?

5. For how many years was Anna Mons the mistress of Peter?

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