Objects & Places from Peter the Great: His Life and World

Robert K. Massie
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This port was situated 30 miles up the North Dvina River from the White Sea.


This ancient foreign colony was located 15 miles up the Don River from the Sea of Azov.

The German Suburb

This area northwest of the Russian capital was where all foreigners were compelled to live beginning in 1652.


This locale possessed a near world monopoly on merchant shipping by the end of the 1600s.

The Jolly Company and Drunken Synod (Mock Synod)

This was an itinerant, motley collection of distinguished youthful roisterers, graybeards, and foreign adventurers.


This city was dominated by the golden domes of 1,600 white churches.


This Baltic fortress projected an image of the Russian army's mediocrity to Western Europe in 1700, but a foreign assault in 1704 rehabilitated the Russian image.

The Ottoman Empire

This vast Muslim state controlled the Black Sea.


This staunchly Roman Catholic nation elected its kings...

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