Daily Lessons for Teaching Peter the Great: His Life and World

Robert K. Massie
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Daily Lessons

Objective: Part 1, Old Muscovy, Chapters 1-6 Over the next 30 days students will read The Biography of Peter the Great: His Life and World. This lesson's objective is to stimulate student interest in studying Robert K. Massie's book.

1) Research: To promote interest and provide a foundation for the next 30 days, have class members research Robert K. Massie, author of Peter the Great. Students are to examine what influenced his topic preference, what personal background is likely to have impacted the author's writing, and other aspects. Students will review why Massie earned the 1981 Pulitzer Prize for this work. They will also read a short synopsis of the book that the next 30 lessons will center on. Have some volunteers discuss with the class what they discovered.

2) Discussion: Have students answer the following questions and discuss as a class:

Massie is renown for what types of works he has written?

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