Peter the Great: His Life and World Fun Activities

Robert K. Massie
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Introducing People

Each student will be assigned the role of someone of significance in Peter the Great's life. Where possible, they will conduct some research and learn more regarding that individual. Then, in the role of that person they are to introduce that individual to the class, provide a little more background they have learned, then introduce the next student while still in that role. This will continue until all students have introduced their assigned individuals.

Peter's Newspaper

Peter began printing a paper in 1703 for the nation's educated public. The state initially printed the Vedomosti, and it continues today bearing a different name. Have students work in small groups to research the periodical and compare how Peter employed it then with how he might today. Then have each of the groups present their results before the class.

Robert K. Massie Lecture

Students are to imagine Robert K. Massie...

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