Peter the Great: His Life and World Character Descriptions

Robert K. Massie
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Tsar Peter the Great - This individual stood over six feet tall. The character had an angular body, slim shoulders, long arms, and calloused hands.

Tsarevna Sophia Alexaeevna - This individual became Regent at age twenty-five. The character was stripped of power seven years later and died at age in 1704.

Alexander Danilovich Menshikov - This subject rose from lowly beginnings and became a field marshal, First Senator, a Serene Highness, and a prince.

King Charles XII - While this subject's education ended at age fourteen, this individual most enjoyed the Bible, history, mathematics (ballistics), and biographies.

Tsar Alexis Mikhailovich - This tsar led a monk's life of fasting and prayer for a total of eight months out of the year while courtiers ate gargantuan meals.

Tsarevich Alexis Petrovich - This individual did not share the father's sense of mission or duty. The character was slow when ordered...

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