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Short Answer Questions

1. What inspires Rachel to finally discuss the details of her sister's death?

2. What does Louis believe is missing when he opens the casket?

3. What is the reason for Jud's late night visit in Chapter 38?

4. What scares Jud most about the townsman who was resurrected at the Indian cemetery?

5. What lie does Louis tell his caller?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the date of Gage's funeral and in what sequence do we learn about it in the book?

2. What challenge does Louis face when returning to his car with Gage's body and how does he overcome it?

3. Rachel pulls into a hotel for the night, but doesn't stay. Why does she leave?

4. What father-son activity do the Creeds enjoy on March 24, 1984 and why is it so special?

5. Why doesn't Louis drive home after taking his family to the airport and what thoughts does he have while eating dinner at the hotel's restaurant?

6. Who misses the family viewing at the funeral home when Gage dies and why?

7. What makes Ellie sick during her plane trip? What makes her perk up at the end of the trip?

8. How does Jud die? How does he end up on the floor and what weapon was used?

9. Why can't Louis help console his wife and daughter?

10. What inspires Rachel to finally discuss her sister's death? Is she usually inspired by such instances?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How was Victor Pascow important to the story? What was his role and how did he fulfill it? How did the author's decision to use a stranger for this role impact the story?

Essay Topic 2

Identify and define exposition. What did the reader learn from the exposition in Pet Sematary? Was the information consistent throughout the book or did it change? Explain your answer and reasoning.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss foreshadowing and its importance in writing mystery or suspense novels. Select five memorable instances of foreshadowing from the story and write about them in detail. Why did those five instances stay on your mind?

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